Welcome to our new series, “A Face in the Clouds,” where this week we meet with Thomas Padovan from our Paris hub. Thomas shares his experience working as a Senior Cloud Architect Lead and gives us some pretty cool insights into what it’s like being a Cloudreacher!

Tell us a bit about your background – why did you join Cloudreach?

Prior to joining Cloudreach, I worked for a managed services company. In 2014, I discovered AWS Cloud Technologies, which I developed a real passion for from the very beginning. 

I was referred to the Cloudreach Talent Acquisition team by a former colleague, who told me about the impressive level of expertise of their Professional Services Team. The main reasons I joined Cloudreach in 2018 were to work in a pure-play cloud company surrounded by talented people.

Tell us a bit more about yourself

Since I was a child, I’ve been very keen on video games and tech stuff. Being aware of new technology trends and challenges excited me the most in life, so I quickly understood that the technology sector was where I could really see myself working. Without a doubt, this is what led me to work for Cloudreach in Paris (the best city in the world to me!). 

It’s not easy to describe oneself, but people who know me consider me to be a very pragmatic, “go-straight-forward” person. 

How would you describe your role as Senior Cloud Architect Lead to someone unfamiliar?

My role as Senior Cloud Architect Lead can be split in two parts: 

As a Senior Cloud Architect, I support and advise customers on their architectural choices in AWS, designing and delivering a cloud infrastructure aligned with their needs. I don’t only take part in the delivery phase; I also collaborate on pre-sales activities. 

I’m also leading and mentoring younger Cloud Architects and Cloud System Developers. As a manager, I am responsible for supporting my team on a daily basis by helping them learn new technologies and competencies and develop the skills required in the market. Every Friday, I organize a tech meeting with my team where we discuss new tendencies, services or functionalities in AWS, Microsoft Azure or GCP Cloud. 

In addition to all this, I represent the Professional Services Team at tech events (ex. AWS Summit) or meet-ups, and I participate in recruitment for Cloud Architect roles. 

What does your typical day as a Senior Cloud Architect Lead look like?

Even with my many responsibilities to perform on a daily basis as Senior Cloud Architect Lead, every day is different at Cloudreach. I don’t have a fixed routine at work; I can organize my day as I want, of course always taking into consideration clients priorities. 

Besides delivering, designing, advising and answering critical questions, I also meet with clients and collèagues for lunch or dinner. Those personal interactions are very important for me to feel connected to my team and fulfilled at work. 

How has your role evolved over the years?

I joined Cloudreach as a Cloud System Developer, even though my previous role was as a Cloud Architect. I noted the high-level expertise required for a Cloud Architect position at Cloudreach, so I was honest with myself and decided to take on the System Developer role in order to be better prepared for my future in cloud technology.

Step-by-step and with lots of effort, I became the Senior Cloud Architect Leader that I am today. Before, I cared about upskilling myself to perform my current role and be up-to-date with the latest tech in AWS. Today, nothing’s changed! I’ve gained a lot of experience and I give useful advice to my team and clients – but I never stop training and developing new skills! Continuous learning is the key to my career growth. 

What is a challenge you recently had to overcome in your role?

I participated in a recent deal we closed with one of our clients. It was very challenging, as I had to prepare a specific technical pitch with the support of my Solution Architect colleagues. The goal was to get the approval of our client about the best solution that Cloudreach could provide to meet the objectives of the project. We did a great job, and we won the deal! 

I love taking part in the pre-sales phase with clients because it requires  knowledge, focus and hard work. It also allows me to learn from the wide variety of technical issues that enterprises have to overcome. Furthermore, I just can’t stand losing a deal! 


What part about your role do you find most exciting?

Troubleshooting, because I can learn from it, gain experience and share the solution with my colleagues so it helps them when they face the same or similar issues. I think this is a great way for a manager to build the skills of the team so their collective knowledge can be closely aligned with industry trends. 

What’s your favourite tech tool / software?

Definitely Terraform, which is used to deploy AWS infrastructure. It is a critically important tool for Cloud development – and it makes my life easier!

How would you describe Cloudreach in 3 words?

One step ahead!

Why would you recommend Cloudreach as a future employer?

Yes, for many reasons: Cloudreach has a great position in the Public Cloud Sector, our teams are made up of talented people, we have a great culture, and time for learning and upskilling is provided for every individual, regardless of their role. Furthermore, Cloudreach culture places great importance on topics that are also important to me, like Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We also have the opportunity to participate in initiatives such as “Cloudreach Cares”, “Skunkworks” and the “Cloudy Awards.” 

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I like travelling, learning from other cultures, trekking, and spending time with friends and family. Playing racing games is one of my favorite hobbies. 

What advice do you have for people hoping to pursue a career in Cloud Delivery ?

If you are interested in a career in Cloud Delivery, start participating in AWS workshops as soon as possible, register for cloud training, follow Cloud experts in social media, join online cloud communities and participate in public meet-ups.

I’m always happy to discuss how to start a career journey in Cloud Delivery with anyone who is interested! 

Thanks Thomas!

Our Cloud Architects are the ‘go to folk’ on overall technical leadership and direction on project engagements. Sounds interesting? If you’ve got a number of years as a Cloud Architect under your belt, and you’re looking for your next challenge, Cloudreach is hiring Cloud Architects globally – check it out!