Cloudreach’s 6 cloud trends podcasts – and a bonus – are now available for your listening pleasure. 

These cloud trends podcasts were recorded live daily during AWS re:Invent 2021 by Cloudbusting podcast hosts Dave Chapman, Head of Product and Marketing at Cloudreach and Jez Ward, Executive Cloud Advisor and Head of Advisory at Cloudreach:

Cloud Trend #1: The Cloud Native Enterprise

Business experimentation joining up with larger scale IT transformation is good, but it’s not enough. To break through to new levels of performance, both need to come together with the right level of ambition and culture. Featuring guest Jake Burns, Enterprise Strategist, AWS. Listen to the podcast.

Cloud Trend #2: AI/Data Driven Migration & Modernization

Use of AI/ML and historical data removes both time and cost from migration + modernization. Automation of these underlying basic tasks allows breakthrough cloud innovation to happen faster and at scale. Featuring guest Jonathan Allen, Director, Enterprise Strategy, AWS. Listen to the podcast.

Cloud Trend #3: Living on the Edge

Scale ML models are using the power of Edge and Fog compute to drive new experience and functionality to areas the public cloud cannot easily reach. In turn, they are driving an important evolution in the application architecture possibilities of the cloud. Featuring guest Sammy Cheung, Principal Technical Advisor, Cloudreach. Listen to the podcast.

Cloud Trend #4: Developing DQ

Are your leaders thinking with a digital mindset? Your Digital Quotient is not just a measure of organizational maturity but, critically, of each leader’s ability to think and operate cloud natively. Featuring guest Phil Le-Brun, Enterprise Strategist, Former CIO, AWS. Listen to the podcast.

Cloud Trend #5: The Talent Crisis

As the cloud scales, the need for talent at all levels has risen exponentially, demanding the next level of recruitment, education and services. A cornerstone responsibility of all of us is to unlock potential from all backgrounds and unleash the next generation of cloud super stars. Featuring guests Tara Tapper, Chief People Officer, Cloudreach & Holly Norman, Head of AWS Marketing, Cloudreach. Listen to the podcast.

Cloud Trend #6: Decarbonize yr Tech

Optimizing consumption is no longer about simply managing your financial expenditure, but managing your wider impacts in real time. The call to action is clear and the services and tooling are now available to deliver granular control over carbon footprint. Net Zero is just the start. Featuring guests Keisha Garcia, VP Digital Foundations Programs, bp, & Thomas Blood, Digital Innovation Leader, AWS. Listen to the podcast.

Bonus Episode: Security Implications of Cloud Trends

This bonus segment to our annual Cloud Trends miniseries was recorded LIVE from the Cloudbusting “Boothcast” at AWS re:Invent 2021. Our hosts are joined by Clarke Rodgers, Enterprise Security Strategist, AWS. Listen to the podcast.

See you at AWS re:Invent 2022!

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