Previews and Predictions for AWS re:Invent 2021

What we think you’ll learn at this year’s global cloud computing conference

The 10th annual AWS re:Invent is being presented as an in person and virtual conference, giving everyone the opportunity to attend in their preferred format. Here at Cloudreach, we’re very excited to be heading to Las Vegas where we’ll be recording live daily Cloudbusting podcasts and running demos of our migration and modernization software (Cloudamize and Sunstone) from Booth #369.

Now, here are a few predictions about the key themes we think will take center stage at this year’s AWS re:Invent.

The talent crisis

No matter the industry, it seems that every enterprise is fighting a battle to find and retain employees. And, as more and more businesses move to the cloud and adopt new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, there is an even greater demand for next generation tech expertise. The question is – how do you attract top talent and keep workers engaged and upskilled for the long haul?

AWS is taking decisive action to address these challenges. One recent initiative is the creation of the Cloudreach Talent Academy, a collaboration between AWS and Cloudreach. This immersive program of accelerated, hands-on learning is intended to help diverse candidates launch their technical careers in cloud computing. 

Our joint mission is to create a more diverse and inclusive technical community – and that leads into the next big topic at re:Invent…

Inclusion, Diversity and Equality in Tech 

The AWS Inclusion, Diversity and Equality (ID&E) theme for AWS re:Invent 2021 is the significance of the intersection of ID&E and technology. 

There will be numerous opportunities to learn more about this important topic at re:Invent 2021. Take machine learning (ML), for instance – there are not enough trained ML developers to meet demand and very few of them are from underrepresented backgrounds. 

AWS is out to change that. Check out breakout session, Machine Learning opportunities for underrepresented groups (#ABW001), that discusses best practices and opportunities to close this gap and Building better products for people of all identities (#ABW002), a deep dive panel presentation about inclusion in ML . Other sessions cover how to prepare diverse new talent for the modern cloud workforce, second-chance hiring in tech, and many more ID&E topics.

The cloud native enterprise

We’ve learned over the past couple of years how important it is to be able to embrace rapid change. Enterprises that deploy cloud native applications can achieve greater resiliency and agility, fuel fast innovation and accelerate transformation to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. We discuss more benefits of cloud native and the important role played by DevOps in our blog,  Why DevOps is essential to your cloud native strategy

AWS offers a multitude of services and solutions that help enterprises become cloud native. These are just a few leadership sessions at re:Invent that provide insights:

  • Containers on AWS: Everywhere and anywhere
  • Abstractions: Creating the best developer experience
  • The foundations of enterprise reinvention

Cloudreach at AWS re:Invent 2021

For a more technical take on what to expect at AWS re:Invent 2021, check out this blog by Kevin Davis, Cloud Strategist at Cloudreach. 

And don’t forget to visit us at Booth #369 for our daily Cloudbusting podcasts and demos of our migration and modernization software demos. 

Remember to reserve your seat for our live speaking session, Cloud Trends 2022: 6 Ways to Advance Cloud Modernization, featuring Keisha Garcia, VP Digital Foundations Programs at bp, Dave Chapman, Head of Product and Marketing at Cloudreach and Jez Ward, Executive Cloud Advisor and Head of Advisory at Cloudreach.

We’ll see you in Las Vegas!