Head of Channel Sales, Ben Tizer, explains how building software-embedded cloud services using Cloudamize can help SIs and MSPs deliver exceptional outcomes and an improved customer experience

As the cloud industry matures, specific challenges for enterprises are emerging. Organizations, gearing up for the cloud journey, often struggle to establish a strategy that not only will enable a seamless transformation but will also harness the potential of the cloud to solve existing challenges and meet new business goals. In many cases, these organizations are partnering with Solution Integrators (SIs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to help achieve their cloud objectives – and ultimately, their business objectives. 

To maintain a competitive edge, MSPs and SIs must be positioned to help customers bridge these knowledge gaps. This, in turn, translates to challenges for service provider teams:

  • Helping customers select the right cloud strategy
  • Aligning their delivery toolkit to deliver consistent outcomes while increasing revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Reducing transformation time to value in the cloud

Industry leaders are beginning to acknowledge that migration to the cloud is just the start, leading to another major perception: SIs and MSPs need a better way to manage all phases of the cloud lifecycle and help customers truly optimize their in-the-cloud operations.

For example, post-migration, teams need to be able to help validate that migrations were successful, build new applications in the cloud, and manage their customers’ cloud environments from a cost and performance standpoint. 

Here are goals that SIs and MSPs should incorporate in their quest to deliver stronger cloud operations outcomes and improve the customer experience.

Support Multicloud Strategy to Better Align with Customer Goals.

Realistically, enterprise customers do not live in a single cloud – in determining the best path for their business, they should consider all routes and angles, which will often lead to the use of multiple cloud providers. A tool that supports the multi-cloud environment will allow MSPs and SIs to successfully standardize their operating procedures and select the best-fit cloud provider for the specific customer use case.

Automate to Drive Efficiency and Deliver Consistent Experiences.

With a software tool that provides automation, recurring activities across the cloud lifecycle – from assessment and planning to migrating and validating, through building and cost optimization – can be standardized in a repetitive, consistent manner. Leveraging automation capabilities not only frees up time for MSP and SI teams, it removes human error, reduces cost and results in more consistent experiences for teams and customers.

Maintain a Single Platform Approach for a More Seamless Experience.

While many available software solutions excel at solving isolated challenges within the cloud journey, using multiple tools to manage various requirements and activities leads to its own set of pain points for SIs and MSPs… which ultimately can be passed down to the customer. A single tool that supports migration, as well as subsequent phases of the cloud lifecycle, is key to delivering a superior customer experience for employees and enterprise customers alike.

The Cloud-Native Expertise that Drives Partner Success

MSPs and SIs that partner with Cloudamize can execute on more than 10 years of cumulative insights and best practices gained as a cloud-native managed service provider. Our newly updated cloud management platform codifies our experience and allows partners to deliver better customer-specific strategies and outcomes with speed and scale by: 

  • Delivering service offerings across any enterprise cloud preference or requirement with multi and hybrid cloud support
  • Simplifying and standardizing the infrastructure and application assessment phases, leading to smarter migration planning, execution and validation
  • Accelerating the test and launch of new applications and environments through automated infrastructure-as-code and application blueprint deployment
  • Continuously optimizing cloud environments across both cost and performance lenses

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