Cloudreach delivers on the promise of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and diversity & inclusion (D&I) through a committee called Cloudreach Cares. 

Through a diverse range of programs and initiatives, all Cloudreachers are empowered to help make a difference in their local communities and across the globe.

We selected Brain Tumour Research as a charity of choice for the Wear-A-Hat day campaign. We understand that we SUCCEED TOGETHER and so the culture crew campaigned and communicated out a variety of challenges designed to entertain, engage and include all Cloudreachers, remote and in-office.

The challenges were as follows:

£5 per person that took part in wearing a hat!

£1 – to join the online meetup on the day, that we call TGIF!

£1 – If a selfie had Cloudreach swag in it

£1 – for a team pic (in person or online)

£1 – for a tweet



Cloudreach strongly believes in being a people first organisation, and as such, hold ourselves to account by our Cloudy Values and positive mindset.

As we are entering a phase of hybrid working where organisations are facing the challenge of how to bring their people back together in a comfortable way for all, we were tested to bring this event to all in a fun and inclusive way. We like to MAKE IT HAPPEN and  the campaign worked very well online, especially the challenges that helped the crew take part in their own unique ways.

Melanie Tiley, Community Development Manager West & Wales, from Brain Tumour Research, joined our TGIF call and shared stories with us around the research and development that the charity works on.

Wear a hat day 2022



We started with a target of £300, but after a record number of online participants and a surprise donation from our hub leader we smashed our goal by over double with an amazing £850! 

The whole day saw a massive increase in engagement amongst Cloudreachers across the UK with Slack conversations and pictures flowing! Pics ranged from cute babies and pups taking part to Cloudreachers fashioning home made hats to help get involved. In our unique KEEP IT CLOUDY way, two Cloudreachers competed against each other to see who could wear the most hats at once – the winner was able to don 14 hats, edging out the competitor by just one hat!  

We managed 46 selfies, with 39 swag items, two tweets amongst other Cloudy items.

Cloudreach raising money for charity