James Dunn introduces Cloudreach DevOps as a Service.  A subscription-based service that aims to disrupt IT delivery and outsourcing models in a cloud world

I still remember the first time I read the Phoenix Project, and the impact it had on me as a consultant working with the early adopters of cloud. 

The book helped me digest and understand the benefits of streamlining an IT organization. It showed how cross-functional collaboration, experimentation, and continuous learning & improvement will ultimately increase the speed in which you deliver value to the business and your customers. 

DevOps became part of my cloud vocabulary, and I began to see how technology and modern ways of working could change IT forever. 

At that time I was working for a global telco that had a slight identity crisis. On one hand, they wanted to provide enterprises with global WAN connectivity and IT hosting. However, they also wanted to take a slice of the public cloud pie (AWS was rapidly rising to dominance at this time) with their own cloud platform and cloud delivery practice. 

What failed them wasn’t necessarily the technology or the platform they created. They built something that was comparable to what you saw from AWS at the time (albeit on a much smaller scale). 

Their problem was their delivery model. They were trying to deliver modern cloud services, using legacy structures, culture, and practices. In other words, the platform they created could deliver a VM in minutes, but it would take one week to operationalize it ready for customer use.

Witnessing this first hand really put Gene Kim’s book in context and I began thinking, not only about the benefits that DevOps and modern delivery practices bring to customers but also the role that partners will have to play in helping organizations make the necessary shift from legacy ways of working. I realized outsourcing partners would have to significantly up their game to deliver the true potential of the cloud for their customers.

Accelerating Cloud Initiatives With DevOps practices

Over the past few years, we’ve carefully observed our customers’ progression with cloud adoption and have monitored the industry to determine what is the next thing we can do as a partner to help our customers unlock the true potential of cloud. 

Through speaking with our customers came to the conclusion that they want the following thing from a modern cloud partner:

  • Cutting edge architectural design, agile engineering, thought leadership, and operational support
  • Embedded engineers who care about collaboration and knowledge sharing, DevOps adoption, and delivering quality
  • Intimately involved in scrums, planning, and roadmap setting
  • Understands and implements true DevOps: does not treat development and operations as ‘siloes’
  • Individuals driven by continuous improvement and platform evolution; and not just Build > Run > Rot
  • Measurable success and trend improvement
  • Simple and flexible contracting and pricing, that supports continuous development 

Cloudreach DevOps as a Service: Outsourcing in a Cloud World

We decided to launch a brand new service that distills this and over a decade of our experience in DevOps and modern cloud practices, packaging it in a new, easy-to-consume, subscription-based model. 

Cloudreach DevOps as a Service provides expert cloud engineers that can perform architecture, platform development, and operations roles during business hours or as part of a 24×7 service.  As priorities or backlogs change, the flexible nature of the service means customers can swap out squad members, and scale the team up and down as needed. The minimum squad size for the service includes two resources and 80 hours per month.  The minimum contract commitment is three months. 

Our goal from the outset has been to make cloud outsourcing easy with a simple and predictable pricing model, one single SOW and a highly experienced team to help with cloud initiatives such as:

  • Launch a new product
  • Increase speed of delivery changes and application deployments
  • Improve application or platform reliability
  • Bridge a talent gap and accelerate delivery
  • Move from traditional infrastructure practices, to rapid delivery of software 
  • Take advantage of our agile practices, best practices and pre-built code

After being fascinated by DevOps for so many years and having witnessed the detrimental impacts that legacy IT delivery models can have on cloud transformation and modernization projects, I’m excited to offer this service to our customers.

If you are an organization that wants to embrace the phenomenal benefits of public cloud computing then we encourage you to find a delivery partner that can match the dynamic and agile nature of cloud computing. 

More about Cloudreach’s DevOps as a Service

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