Cloud Architect, Jeremy Bartosiewicz, is clearly very happy to share the announcement that Cloudreach is one of the first companies in the world to obtain the Kubernetes On Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization.

As one of many cloud veterans, I have seen Azure grow over time.

2012 saw the early cloud wars, where Azure was very much an incumbent platform, following the lead of another CSP who, at the time, had managed to gain a head start. The Azure platform we know at present, however, has become an environment where the open-source community can truly flourish.

Today, we are proud to announce that Cloudreach has been awarded the Kubernetes On Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization.

Azure is the first CSP to offer a program of this kind specific to Kubernetes, and Cloudreach is the first company in the world to achieve this competency. As a multi-cloud services organization, Kubernetes helps Cloudreach, and our customers, realize the benefits of quick, easy deployments – on any cloud platform.

Kubernetes was released by Google on 7th June 2014, but it was only two years later in 2016 with release 1.5 that the technology really started to gain momentum within the wider technical community. See how development activity on K8S core spiked in 2016 on the GitHub insights graph below.


This achievement coincides with significant Microsoft investment to assist customers and the community with running containerized workloads on Kubernetes. Alongside Google and other organizations, Microsoft has continued to support the CNCF which holds the Kubernetes project at its heart.

From humble beginnings with ACS Engine, evolving to AKS Engine, onwards and upwards to a fully capable AKS Service, Azure really does provide all the tools you need to become a full GitOps, well-managed container powerhouse.

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