Cloudreach President & COO, Brooks Borcherding has a message for our customers regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

To our Customers,

The COVID-19 pandemic is obviously top of mind for all of us at this time. I wanted to share with you the steps we have taken to prepare ourselves to support our customers and keep everyone safe.

In Summary
The safety of our employees and the ongoing support of our customers around the world have always been our highest priority. Cloudreach has already implemented a comprehensive business continuity plan to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic across all of the services that we provide to customers – our consulting services, managed services and software delivery. We’re already equipped for remote work with cloud-native tools and we’re delivering on 100% of our current customer commitments.

How We Can Help
As a cloud-native company, we have extensive experience helping customers change operational models and adapt to new working environments. We can rapidly assess your current technology and operations environment and help you create a complete plan so you can support remote working without sacrificing productivity or security. We’re also extending our support to other public and private sector companies offering to assist with any IT related business continuity services where we can help bridge the gap in current operations.

Contact Us if You Need Assistance
Cloudreach is here to make sure that your business continues to operate as seamlessly as possible during this unprecedented global event. Please let me know if there is anything we can help you with in order to keep your business on track. We have services and resources available now to assist with cloud-native remote working, rapidly accelerated moves to the cloud and immediately available managed services to ensure business continuity.

Thank you for being a Cloudreach customer and the trust we know you place in us every day. These are unprecedented times for our industry and the world. Cloudreach is ready to help you in any way we can.

Brooks Borcherding
President and COO

Cloudreach has launched a suite of Accelerated Continuity Services that will support businesses as they respond to the challenges that have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please connect with us if we can be of assistance in keeping your business on track.