A recent McKinsey study into the benefits of migrating to the cloud, found that one of its subjects — an apparel retailer — had increased its revenue by 30 percent after moving its IT infrastructure [1]. Another study found on average revenue increased by 11% a year after companies migrate to the cloud [2]. 

One of the best ways to realize these benefits, is to migrate to a flexible and scalable cloud platform such as VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) Solutions. VMware Cloud gives you the versatility, sophistication and flexibility required to efficiently virtualize your computer, networking, storage and management functions.

With VMware Cloud, you benefit from a fully software-defined environment, able to scale seamlessly as your needs change. But what’s the best way to manage your migration to the platform, to minimize disruption and maximize your return on investment? 

Without the right knowledge and expertise, cloud migrations can be notoriously complex. The McKinsey study estimated that companies would waste $100 million over the next three years, because of failed or partially failed cloud migrations [1]. 

Cloudreach VMware on AWS has been developed to address exactly this challenge. This solution delivers the power and intelligence of VMware Cloud, running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for maximum flexibility and scalability. As part of this package, Cloudreach offers full migration services for VMware Cloud. 

Common scenarios in which Cloudreach has helped users migrate to VMware Cloud on AWS include data center exits, data center extensions, disaster-recovery design, and the creation of infrastructure to support next-generation apps. In each case, our engineers work with the client to design exactly the right implementation for their needs, with the best possible balance of performance, cost and resilience. 

To enable a data center exit, our consultants will work with you to design the right VMware cloud infrastructure for your needs, with security and high availability built in. We’ll help you use VMware HCX and other tools to efficiently and quickly migrate workloads to that infrastructure, running on AWS, with minimum downtime. And we’ll ensure that your new cloud infrastructure is flexible and scalable enough to grow and evolve with your business.

For customers who need a data center extension, Cloudreach will conduct the same scoping and planning exercises, to ensure that the cloud infrastructure that is created exactly meets your business needs — and will work with your existing on-premises infrastructure. Our engineers and consultants will ensure that your VMware Cloud on AWS is able to rapidly provide on-demand capacity and scale to meet your business requirements in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible.

Cloudreach helps customers use VMware Cloud on AWS as the basis for disaster recovery by working with clients to analyze the level and type of risk to each application. We’ll build the disaster-recovery site, help you plan and implement the necessary redundancy and failover plans. And if the worst happens, our engineers and technicians will be on hand to help you ensure seamless business continuity.

We also help you build the infrastructure needed to support modern apps and micro services. Our consultants help clients design and implement an elastic and scalable architecture that integrates seamlessly with the key services required to reliably run modern applications. Working with you, we’ll efficiently break larger projects down into smaller services that can run with enhanced agility, helping to improve resilience and responsiveness while also enabling accelerated development cycles. 

Our experts will help you move your existing infrastructure to VMware Cloud, running on AWS. The migration package includes:


  • VMware on Cloud Smart Proposal: Cloudreach experts will have a costed migration-to-AWS proposal for your VMware Cloud infrastructure. 
  • VMware on Cloud Smart Assessment: Once the proposal is accepted, Cloudreach develops a detailed migration plan to match your needs. 
  • VMware on Cloud Smart Migration: Cloudreach engineers and consultants will carry out your migration, seamlessly and with minimum downtime.


Within 24 hours of your first contact with Cloudreach, your initial migration proposal will be ready. We will work with your experts to create a migration plan and efficiently move your applications to the cloud in a way that gives you the intelligence you expect of VMware Cloud along with the flexibility and rapid scalability of AWS. 

When you work with Cloudreach to migrate to VMware Cloud on AWS, among other things we can help you to:


  • Identify and plug any infrastructure gaps that might prevent a successful migration, cause system instability or reduce return on investment. 
  • Check workload suitability, to ensure that your workloads are suitable for migration and are optimized for VMware Cloud before migration takes place. 
  • Implement disaster recovery, with service level agreements (SLAs) tailored precisely to your business goals and customer needs. 
  • Enable workload mobility by designing and implementing an environment that easily allows you to move workloads between cloud instances. 
  • Guarantee uptime with built in fail-over and a range of cost-effective and agile redundancy and resilience features. 


Working with Cloudreach is the quickest, most robust way to migrate to VMware Cloud with all the advantages that brings but without the risk, complexity and overheads involved in doing it all in house.

Get in touch today, to find out how Cloudreach can help you get the best possible return on investment and the minimum downtime with a tailored migration to VMware Cloud on AWS.

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