Combine migration execution with modernization initiatives to reach business goals faster

You’ve completed a migration readiness assessment, developed a detailed migration plan and designed your AWS Landing Zone. The third and final phase in the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (AWS MAP) is to Migrate and Modernize.

Becoming cloud-native delivers a lot of business value. It can help your organization respond quickly to changing market conditions, continuously improve experiences for your customers and employees and improve organizational resilience and agility. 

There’s more to cloud migration than lift-and-shift

The Migrate and Modernize phase involves designing, migrating and validating each application. While it’s true that a lift-and-shift (rehost) approach is fast and will work for many applications, some require a different strategy – like refactoring or fully re-platforming.  

You’ll need to identify application optimization opportunities and prioritize those that will make the most of your existing investments and deliver the most business value with the least amount of effort. Since many organizations, especially those new to the cloud, don’t have the in-house expertise to make those decisions, leveraging the experience of a cloud services company like Cloudreach makes a lot of sense.

Cloudreach is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with 11 AWS Competencies and Programs. We have recently signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS to accelerate global cloud adoption.

AWS migration and modernization tools for every workload and every step in your cloud journey

From applications, databases and websites to storage, servers and entire data centers – anything can be migrated to the AWS cloud. And AWS has a number of tools to streamline the entire migration and modernization process; these are just a few:

AWS Migration Hub – Provides a single location to track the process of application migrations and recommends strategies for modernizing applications.

AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN) – Helps to simplify migration and minimize downtime. Since AWS MGN can be used for a broad range of applications, it eliminates the need for multiple migration tools, reducing the overall cost.

AWS Server Migration Service – Makes it faster and easier to migrate thousands of on-premises workloads to AWS from a snapshot of the existing server.

AWS Database Migration Service – Keeps the source database fully operational during migration, minimizing downtime to applications that rely on the database.

In part three of e-TF1’s cloud transformation story, the online TV media company migrates to AWS with the help of Cloudreach – see below for details.  (Read about the Assess phase in part one of the case study and the Mobilize phase in part two

e-TF1’s migration to the AWS cloud is key to the media company’s transformation

Cloudreach collaborated with e-TF1’s infrastructure team to execute on the cloud migration roadmap that was completed in phase two. The migration to AWS was performed using a variety of AWS tools to ensure the high availability of applications, store content and operate a fast and highly secure content delivery network.

The AWS cloud platform provides e-TF1 with several benefits:

  • The elasticity to handle major news and sporting events…
    • During the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, viewers watched 1.8 billion videos – 24% more than the previous year.
    • In 2020, traffic loads broke 1 TB per second during President Macron’s speech on the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Removing restrictions on development… 
    • With a lot of computing power and reliability, e-TF1 can focus on enriching the viewing experience through tailored recommendations for viewers.
  • Responding at speed…
    • It once took several weeks to set up a development environment – it now takes less than a day. When a testing environment was requested by Mediamétrie, an audience measurement and insight services company, the e-TF1 team made one available in less than two hours.

e-TF1’s Head of Digital Infrastructure said it best: “We feel liberated from the restrictions of the on-premises infrastructure because of the highly scalable architecture that we have developed with Cloudreach.”

Read the full e-TF1 story.

Make smarter migration decisions with Cloudreach and AWS

Cloud migration and modernization is not a linear process – it’s an iterative cycle.  The more applications you migrate, the faster and easier it becomes.  

Check out our eBook, MAP Your Way to Modernization, and learn how to leverage Cloudreach’s expertise and AWS tools.