Social distancing and changing customer behaviors have put more pressure on brands to deliver seamless and engaging digital experiences. Cloudreach has teamed up with leading digital experience agency, Somo, to deliver a Digital Experience Rapid Response Workshop, dedicated to helping customers adapt to the changing DX environment.

TL,DR: Pandemic has changed customer behaviors – putting pressure on businesses to adjust and improve their digital experiences. Cloudreach has teamed up with DX specialists, Somo, to offer customers a Digital Experience Rapid Response Workshop to help them respond.

The COVID-19 outbreak is radically disrupting the way people live and work. Everything we have become familiar with has changed, and this affects how people interact with organizations as consumers and employees. In particular, this has accelerated focus on the digital customer experiences that define the relationships between us humans and the automated systems and devices that we use to engage with the world.

For example, a recent 451 report shows that 89% of consumers are concerned with protecting their personal data, especially when we consider that increased focus COVID-19 will put on online shopping. Therefore we must develop digital experiences that are built on trust, transparency, and retention. It’s those experiences, not products, that give businesses a competitive differentiation.

This is a time of great opportunity as well as risk, but action needs to be taken now and that action needs to be grounded in the rapid understanding of changing behaviors. It’s essential to dig beneath the broad trends and analyze what is shifting in the specific landscape of each organization. Businesses need to understand how consumer behaviors are changing, what the implications are for digital experience, and to what extent these changes will be sustained beyond the crisis period.

Changing priorities

What is key to understand, is that different sectors are affected differently. We’re living in a state of flux, with a number of new customer behaviour patterns emerging. Fear and uncertainty – and for many, the simple inability to get out – has had a huge impact on how consumers buy products and services. There’s been a visible shift in the way customers approach e-commerce. What started in the last century as a new movement with rather crippling consumer trust and low levels of confidence, is now part of the new normal – and in the times of the lockdown, it’s often the only way consumers can still engage with, and buy from, brands. This shift to digital will continue to evolve, and as an increasing number of customers are forced to look for alternative ways of getting things done, digital will become even more embedded in everyday life once the Coronavirus crisis ends.

Physical bank branches – while already experiencing a decline before COVID-19 – are becoming less and less of a priority. The public sector has an increased access to investment and funding, enabling them to fix their digital offerings and help people cope with the new reality. The supply chain is seeing an impact of government restrictions on their parts, labour, movement of goods, and provision of services. And B2B companies are trying to keep up with changing priorities and an even higher focus on digital experience for their clients to enable business as usual – albeit during strange and difficult times.

The question is, are businesses ready to use their digital touchpoints as the primary platform for engaging with their customers? How can they build a digital experience that attracts customers and differentiates them from competitors? And how can they use digital to respond to the newly emerging customer needs?

Re-evaluating your employee experience

There is another side to the problem. As digital is becoming a crucial component of everyday life for consumers – making seamless digital experiences more important than ever – it’s also becoming a big part of how we actually deliver work.

The lockdown is causing a shift in working patterns as businesses are forced to embrace remote working. While this has been a somewhat easy transition for start-ups and digital companies, the majority of big corporates are simply not set up to succeed in such an environment. Now is the perfect opportunity for these companies to reevaluate their culture, processes, tools, and technology – to empower their employees in their everyday tasks and help them deliver excellent customer service.

In order to help our customers respond and adapt to changing behaviors, Cloudreach has teamed up with leading digital experience agency, Somo, to deliver a Digital Experience Rapid Response Workshop.

How can Cloudreach & Somo help?

Digital Experience Rapid Response Workshop

Somo is one of the fastest-growing digital product and experience agencies, with over 180 experts in user experience, design, strategy, product management, and engineering. Our collaboration provides an unrivaled opportunity for clients to work with two industry leaders with perfectly complementary services, combining Cloudreach’s deep expertise in consulting and engineering cloud solutions and Somo’s creative technology teams.

We are launching a new service focussed on helping organizations rapidly adjust their digital experiences. The offering is a one-week engagement to kickstart thinking about opportunities to advance a client’s digital experience, assessing likely impacts on user needs and behaviors during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

The engagement will be structured around two half-day workshops exploring key digital experience themes chosen to give relevant actionable insights. We aim to identify quick wins for our customers and create an actionable roadmap of priority areas to tackle, informed by a better understanding of the strategic changes that will impact digital experience.

For more information on the Digital Experience Rapid Response Workshop (including key objectives, themes, and agenda) click here. To arrange your workshop, reach out to a member of the team today!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Somo, which will combine Cloudreach’s deep expertise in consulting and engineering cloud solutions and Somo’s creative technology teams, to help customers rapidly deliver world-class digital experiences.