Cloudreach enables simple and scalable cloud transformation with a new DevOps as a Service offering.

When it comes to digital transformation, enterprises struggle to define, contract for and integrate partners to cohesively build, integrate and manage their ever-changing cloud estates. Cloudreach’s newly launched DevOps as a Service is positioned to change all that.

Traditional SI Consulting Models Don’t Scale

It’s no secret that the traditional approach to modernization, with disparate outsourcing and consulting organizations, doesn’t work. In fact, this model can add risk, cost, and complexity – and create obstacles to realizing business benefits. 

Yet, more than 10 years after the introduction of cloud computing, many enterprises continue to suffer the challenges and consequences of legacy IT and legacy partners…

  • Delivery pace –  Your cloud projects demand rapid and agile development practices due to changing business demands, but traditional project definition that demands fixed scope upfront is a hindrance.
  • Time to procure services – The fixed-fee contracting process is arduous, while time and materials provide too little specificity for targeted activities.
  • Delivery effectiveness –  IT and Operations are siloed and do not share the same goals, causing reduced velocity.
  • Vendor lock-in – Existing outsourcing partners are focused only on fixing resource gaps and not on helping organizations become self-sustainable, resulting in ongoing reliance on partners.
  • Resource churn –  Scope change and people rotation results in massive resource and knowledge churn.

To achieve true digital transformation and drive continuous innovation, enterprises must adopt cloud-native technology, data services and DevOps practices. After all, your business doesn’t stand still and neither should your approach to growth and change.

Cloud Scales. And So Should Your Development Model

Cloudreach’s new DevOps as a Service makes cloud outsourcing easy by providing a scalable and dynamic squad of Cloudreach DevOps engineers as a monthly subscription service. 

“In Gartner’s 2019 survey of organizations using DevOps, 65% said that their DevOps initiative relies, to some extent, on outsourced services. More recently, interest in product-centric development means customers are looking for service providers that can provide them with all the skills they need under one contract, whether ‘dev’ or ‘ops.’”2
Neil Barton, VP Analyst at Gartner

Dave Chapman, Head of Strategy and Professional Services at Cloudreach, describes it this way: “Cloudreach DevOps as a Service brings a DevOps skillset to any enterprise, whether they are new to the cloud or far along their modernization journey. Companies that undergo cloud transformation are better able to adapt to disruption and innovate faster. DevOps as a Service helps technology leaders to stand up a DevOps squad fast, scale up and down as needed, with the right cloud expertise on demand.”

Our DevOps as a Service Approach:

Cloudreach’s DevOps as a Service works like this:

DevOps as a Service Onboarding and Delivery

  • Simple Subscription Model – A straightforward and predictable monthly rate.
  • On-Demand, Highly Flexible – Deploy a squad immediately and scale based on your backlog or cloud initiatives.
  • Lead or Augment – We take the lead on your initiatives or augment your existing initiatives and roadmap.
  • End-to-End Cloud Capabilities – A single service that provides support across architecture, development, and operations.  

Your Very Own DevOps Squad

Need to launch a new product? Accelerate business initiatives? Facilitate stronger collaboration with digital teams? Support key apps and infrastructure?

Build your own DevOps squad to meet your needs by drawing on expertise from our team of cloud architects, engineers, data scientists, cloud strategists, and consultants – and swap out squad members or scale the team up and down as your priorities change. 

“Over its 10-year history, Cloudreach has delivered some of the largest and most successful cloud engineering projects in the world, with customers such as bp. Now we are bringing all of Cloudreach’s cloud native expertise together and making it available on a flexible subscription basis.” 
James Dunn, Head of Cloud Platform Development at Cloudreach

Accelerate Your Modernization

DevOps as a Service is designed to help your organization embrace modern cloud development practices and modernize IT and operations.

Drive business initiatives 

  • Increase speed of delivery changes and application deployments
  • Improve application or platform reliability
  • Implement complete end-to-end monitoring
  • Ensure and deliver synchronized deployment environments

Create a modern IT organization 

  • Move from traditional infrastructure practice to rapid delivery of software 
  • Take advantage of our agile practices, best practices, and pre-built code

Develop your own DevOps expertise

  • Be part of your sprint planning and scrum teams
  • Elevate your teams through coaching and expert advice

Align to your goals

  • Fully align with your product/operations roadmaps
  • Focus on improving the trends that matter the most

Leverage our extensive cloud skills and experience 

  • Engage highly skilled engineers, certified across multiple cloud platforms
  • Leverage a vast pool of DevOps and specialist resources with the expertise to support the most complex cloud and data initiatives

More about Cloudreach’s DevOps as a Service

Want to learn more about how our DevOps as a Service can help your organization achieve cloud-native digital transformation in a dynamic and scalable way? Click here.

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