Now there’s a way to automate your modernization effort

So many applications and dependencies to consider. So many stakeholders to keep happy. So many modernization options to choose from. 

If it’s so complicated, why do organizations want to modernize anyway? Typical metrics used to measure cloud progress are: savings; agility; value.

The hardest part of modernization is getting started. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. 

In-cloud application modernization software platform

Cloudreach developed Sunstone, an all-in-one solution that provides everything you need to begin – and continue on – your modernization journey. The software platform delivers dynamic, real-time visibility into your AWS cloud estate and continuously evaluates it for intelligent modernization opportunities. It then presents high impact, low effort modernization targets. And… as more modernization occurs, the platform gets even smarter by dynamically assessing the evolving environment for further opportunities for improvement. 

Sunstone has been built and battle-tested in alignment with AWS best practices, in collaboration with the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP).

AWS modernization assessment with Sunstone logic

Designed for all organizations and directly aligned to the AWS Optimized Licensing program, the AWS Modernization Assessment is a comprehensive approach that helps you rationalize your in-cloud application portfolio and create a robust modernization roadmap.  

Sunstone applies intelligent analytics on your AWS Account inventory and Systems Manager data to identify application workloads running on Amazon EC2 that could be modernized using the range of next generation products offered within the AWS ecosystem. 

Outcomes of AWS modernization assessment

Sunstone provides you with current state visibility, future state assessment and recommendations and a path to execute on your modernization:

  • Accelerated Time to Discovery – No more deals incurred during application discovery. Sunstone is quick and easy to onboard.
  • Continuous Modernization – Ensure your IT estate is highly functioning and has the agility to take advantage of best practice cloud technologies as the resources in your technology stack evolve over time
  • Better Alignment to Promoted Services – Close collaboration between AWS and Cloudreach ensures that high priority technology choices are promoted in recommendations.
  • Business Case Justification – Put the right data into the hands of decision makers so all C-suite concerns can be addressed 
  • Value Transformation Through Innovation and Technology Adoption – Drive business transformation to develop a cloud native business-IT operating model, focused on full product lifecycle development, improving developer productivity, reducing time to market and increasing pace of innovation.

 A case in point: Discovery performed in an hour and modernization recommendations delivered within a week

Facilities Management Organization Seeks Modernization Guidance

This US-based company’s existing AWS footprint was built through a combination of structured migrations and shadow IT infrastructure provisioning. The organization needed help to rationalize its estate, establish clear insight into application dependencies and develop a prioritized modernization roadmap.

The Sunstone Solution

Sunstone’s frictionless onboarding process resulted in the company being able to rapidly start the engagement with minimal disruption to in-house teams. Analytics assessed the AWS environment for:

  • IaaS-PaaS upgrades
  • CPU utilization outliers
  • License optimization targets
  • EC2 instance rightsizing opportunities
  • Legacy instance family usage
  • EOL operating system upgrades


The company’s ~250 instance estate data was discovered within an hour, providing a rapid route to future state architecture design. Results and recommendations were delivered within a week, including:

  • 74 cloud native PaaS recommendations
  • 22 SQL Server licenses removed, resulting in a 16% cost reduction 
  • 38% infrastructure optimization opportunities generated

It’s time to automate your modernization effort

Learn how to leverage Sunstone to develop a clear modernization path for your AWS environment. Go here to learn more.