Mapping out a migration plan with AWS and Cloudreach automation tools

In our previous blog, The SMART Way to Migrate and Modernize with AWS Migration Acceleration Program, we discussed phase one – Assess – of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), which is designed to help organizations achieve rapid cloud adoption with ease. 

Performing a comprehensive migration readiness assessment is the first phase of MAP’s outcome-driven and agile-based methodology. Once you have gathered learnings from the assessment – including a business case, performance metrics and analyses and a thorough understanding of your organization’s state of cloud readiness – you’re ready to move on to MAP’s second phase, Mobilize. 

Mobilize resources and build a foundation on which to migrate workloads

Now that you know what gaps exist, such as technological and cultural disparities, it’s time to plan your migration from start to execution. It’s also time to further build out that business case you started developing in the Assess phase. These are the key activities in the Mobilize phase:

  • Application planning and high-level design – Evaluate your applications against these common migration strategies, known as the “7 Rs”: Relocate, Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, Repurchase, Retire, Retain
  • People planning – Establish a Cloud Centre of Excellence
  • Platform planning – Landing zone design 

More about building the landing zone 

Designing and configuring your landing zone with best practices will ensure a secure base environment to support rapid, large-scale migration of your workloads. AWS Control Tower provides an automated approach to platform planning and operating model creation with best practices and governance baked in.

Account ManagementAWS Landing Zone provides a framework for creating and baselining a multi-account environment

Identity and Access Management – Enables centralized access management with cross-account roles; AWS Single Sign-On manages user account access

Security and GovernanceAWS Landing Zone provides a number of pre-configured security functions

The automation advantage

Automation goes a long way in helping to make the migration planning process easier. For instance, Cloudreach’s Cloudamize platform (an AWS Migration Competency Partner) boasts first-class integration with AWS, license optimization, high-precision analytics – and even a custom migration designer that allows you to run “what if” scenarios to determine your true TCO. The output is a comprehensive visual map of your existing environment and interdependencies that eliminates the guesswork of cloud transformation.  In fact, Cloudamize has these proven results:

  • 100% success rate for migrated apps and dependencies
  • 75% reduction in time to plan and execute complex migrations
  • 40% more savings compared to non-Cloudamize generated migration plans

In the Mobilize phase, an innovation-risk balance is important – that is, provide your people with enough flexibility to innovate – and at the same time ensure you have safeguards in place to uphold security, compliance and cost control. 

Here, in part two of the e-TF1 case study, we describe how Cloudreach helped the online TV media company build its migration plan. (See part one of the case study in this blog). 

e-TF1 leverages automation to create migration plan 

After working through the Assess phase with e-TF1, Cloudreach moved on to map out the company’s cloud migration plan with the help of Cloudamize, our analytics platform. 

The Plan module of Cloudamize provided a complete visualization of e-TF1’s on-premises environment and automated the discovery, dependency mapping and cloud suitability of each application. From there, we were able to prioritize applications for migration and build a roadmap to the cloud, including:

  • Creation of AWS Landing Zones for quick set up of secure, multi-account AWS environments, 
  • AWS Identity and Access Management to securely manage access to services and resources
  • Amazon Route 53 to reliably route users to the site.

… all with the goal of providing e-TF1 with the scalability to reliably deliver content-as-a-service to viewers in a personalized way.

Find out what happened next as e-TF1 progressed to phase 3 in the AWS Migration Acceleration program – Migrate and Modernize (coming soon). Read the full e-TF1 story. 

Good reasons for getting to the cloud – fast

In IDC’s Whitepaper, Fostering Business and Organizational Transformation to Generate Business Value with Amazon Web Services, research shows that AWS customers are achieving strong value at an average of $20.97 million per year per organization over five years. Here’s how: 

  • Creating more cost-effective IT environments
  • Shifting IT staff focus
  • Offering reliable and high-performing applications
  • Instilling IT and business operations with agility

Find out how your organization could be realizing benefits like this – learn more about Amazon’s Migration Acceleration Program in our eBook, MAP Your Way to Modernization.