Faster and easier cloud migration with AWS and Cloudreach

Today, cloud migration is all about speed. But as organizations race to realize the benefits of the cloud, such as improved security, better digital transformation capabilities, lower IT costs – even business survival – smart planning is absolutely critical in order to succeed.

27.5% of U.S. leaders believe large-scale public cloud migration is “essential for business survival following COVID-19.” – Cloudreach, IDC and Amazon research

To make cloud adoption easier, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has developed the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), a combination of best practices, tools and the expertise of AWS Partners to help organizations achieve their envisioned results faster.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the first step in the process: Assess

Know what you have

A migration readiness assessment gives you the full picture of your applications, data and workloads so you can get an idea of how it would all work in the cloud – that includes anything from applications and databases to servers, storage and entire data centers. Done right, an assessment also provides you with projected improvement opportunities and potential business benefits. 

We at Cloudreach (an AWS Migration Competency Consulting Partner) use Cloudamize, a proprietary analytics platform, to streamline the assessment exercise. Cloudamize delivers both a technical assessment of your environment and valuable business insights with the following:

  • Software-enabled application discovery
  • Cloud cost calculator
  • Cloud configuration mapping
  • Performance projection analysis
  • Application tags and grouping

Assessment Outcomes

What should you expect from a comprehensive migration readiness assessment?

  • A deep understanding of your organization’s current state of cloud readiness
  • The ability to determine the critical performance metrics and analyses to keep your cloud migration effort on track
  • Well-defined business outcomes
  • A business case with accurate TCO projections

Equipped with this information, you can more rapidly make accurate cloud decisions, achieve performance-cost optimization and derive the most value from your cloud investments. 

Once you complete the Assess phase of AWS MAP, it’s on to Mobilize but first, here’s part one of a case study featuring a leading French online TV media group, eTF1 – 

e-TF1 deploys AWS cloud to deliver content-as-a-service and provide an enriched viewing experience

e-TF1 was running its channels on an on-premises infrastructure hosted in a data center, but during peak viewing times such as major news events, the traditional model was unable to handle large spikes in audience numbers. 

e-TF1, part of TF1 Group, is an online TV media business that has been providing television services in France for more than 30 years.

The company was already experiencing cost savings and more reliable backups from moving its backup and recovery infrastructure to AWS – and it was ready to take on a broader cloud strategy.

Using Cloudamize, Cloudreach conducted a detailed infrastructure performance analysis, providing e-TF1 with the data it needed to develop a business case for moving to the cloud – including an accurate forecast of cloud costs, best-fit cloud configuration, performance benchmarking and custom reporting on “what if” scenarios.

Once e-TF1 was armed with these insights, it was ready to map out a migration plan.  Read the full e-TF1 story

Research says…

IDC recently conducted cross-industry research with 27 organizations around the world running various enterprise workloads on AWS to understand the impact of AWS on their IT and business operations. The IDC whitepaper, Fostering Business and Organizational Transformation to Generate Business Value with Amazon Web Services reports impressive findings:


  • 51% reduced costs of operations
  • 3x more new applications
  • 62% increased IT staff productivity
  • $36.5 million in additional revenue
  • 94% reductions in downtime
  • 6 months to payback
  • 25% increase in developer productivity
  • 637% five-year ROI


Our eBook, MAP Your Way to Modernization takes a deeper dive into Amazon’s Migration Acceleration Program and details real-life examples of how Cloudreach has helped customers rapidly migrate and modernize on AWS. 

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