With leaders needing to make fast, tactical moves to reshape their business in response to current events, the ability to rapidly develop and deploy web and mobile applications has become crucial to stay competitive. In this post, Hatim Abdalla, Practice Leader for Application Development, introduces a brand new Cloudreach workshop that will help you build a custom mobile application, using your business’s data, from scratch – all in just one-day.

In just a few weeks, the novel coronavirus outbreak has significantly changed the way thousands of companies operate. As business leaders respond with urgency, workforce welfare and job preservation are currently at the top of their minds.

These leaders will also have to make fast, tactical moves to reimagine, reshape and reinvent their business to ensure they can create long-term value. Some 41% of respondents in a recent survey by the auditing firm Ernst & Young said business leaders were investing in accelerating automation as businesses prepared for a post-crisis world where staff are forced to stay at home.

Future business applications will anticipate, recommend and, in many cases, fully deliver value where individuals and organizations can co-create value at the speed of need. Using a technology platform that empowers everyone, regardless of their technical ability, to collaborate and solve problems fast will be key – especially during times of crisis.

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform enables people to rapidly build web & mobile applications, automate processes, and analyze data – with very little or no code.

It comprises of four components:

  • Power Apps: a low-code environment to quickly turn ideas into solutions by enabling everyone to build custom apps that solve their particular challenges
  • Power Automate: a low-code solution that gives everyone the ability to integrate with existing systems and automate organizational processes
  • Power BI: a self-serve analytics solution to help people make informed business decisions by putting data-driven insights into everyone’s hands
  • Power Virtual Agents: a no-code solution to build chatbots that engage conversationally with customers and employees

The Microsoft Power Platform team is currently supporting urgent deployments for first responder organizations, government agencies, schools and universities, and other essential service providers including the release of two Power Platform solutions to enable customers to coordinate information and resources in times of crisis, and a Microsoft Power Virtual Agents bot to manage crisis response.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft is making Power Platform available for a free, six-month product offer, that includes all premium capabilities for customers in the healthcare, education, nonprofit, and government sectors.

As a long-standing Microsoft Partner and Azure Expert MSP, we are here to support any customer who needs help deploy these solutions.

Moreover, we are releasing a new service we are calling “App in a day”. This is a hands-on accelerator workshop delivered remotely by one of our Cloud experts that will help you build a custom application using your own data from scratch and display it on a mobile device  – all in just one-day!

During the workshop participants will:

  1. Learn how to use Power Platform to build a sophisticated app that solves a current business problem.
  2. Learn how to connect your app to a variety of data sources to bring it to life – including spreadsheets.
  3. Learn how apps are deployed to a mobile device and how to share the app inside your organization securely.
  4. We’ll work with participants to create a backlog of immediate business challenges presented by COVID-19 that the Power Platform can solve.

Why Cloudreach?

  • Top Tier Microsoft Partner – Azure Expert MSP.
  • Born in the cloud with no baggage or legacy revenue to protect.
  • Breadth and depth: If the workshop extends into a full-fledged app that requires data analytics or software engineering resources, we can help you there too.
  • Scale and reach: We are big, we have 18 offices across eight countries globally, yet we are still small enough to work fast and be nimble.

Are you managing your processes with spreadsheets and emails? Would you like to see an empowered small team with no coding experience make a big impact? Get in touch with a member of our team to book your workshop today!