More and more enterprises are exploring the opportunities that public cloud can unleash and the pivotal role it has to play in their digital transformation. In this post, we identify four of the key benefits the public cloud can bring to your business.

If you look at the history of technology, innovation fundamentally disrupts the economic landscape. Harnessing the power of steam fuelled the industrial revolution in the 18th century. Electricity fuelled mass production in the 19th century. The invention of IT and advance of electronics automated production in the 20th century. Each of these technological advances opened up exciting, new opportunities for pioneers to evolve and improve.

Now, the advancement of Cloud technology is turning an enterprise’s IT estate into a driver of innovation and differentiation. Adopting Cloud technology accelerates your digital transformation efforts, enabling you to harness a brand new suite of opportunities that can help elevate, not just your IT organization, but the people and processes throughout your business.

If you have ever thought “why is Cloud migration important?”, here are just a few of the ways that Cloud Adoption can enhance your business:

Increase Efficiency

Adopting Cloud provides an excellent opportunity to increase operational efficiency – especially relating to technology and costs.

All organizations will accumulate technical debt over time. Whether it is out of date software, hardware with a limited lifespan, or poor architecture limiting growth, it will be holding you back. A move to Cloud can offer a way to address some of this technical debt and revitalize your technology choices.

If your Cloud adoption goals include improving efficiency and optimizing performance, then you can use this as a chance to refactor and modernize your existing applications, enhancing the value they provide your business.

Also, with the right governance and cost management procedures in place, you have the opportunity to be more cost-efficient, optimizing your cloud spend and avoiding wastage.

Enable Scalable Growth

A benefit that will stand out to many leaders is the Cloud’s ability to enable fast growth at scale. Cloud platforms are designed to be responsive to you and your customers’ needs, easily growing and shrinking as required to ensure optimum application performance and efficiency, while offering high reliability, irrespective of scale.

In traditional on-premise environments, it can take weeks to scale-up a system. In Cloud, vertical-scaling adjustments can be made in minutes. In many cases, you can even benefit from elastic services – which will shrink or grow, automatically responding to sudden spikes in demand for certain workloads.

If all of your teams are aligned with your Cloud Operating Model, then your infrastructure will be ready to painlessly scale as your business grows.

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Improve Agility

Businesses want to quickly respond to changing market conditions and stay ahead of their competition. The ability to innovate quickly, and at scale, is a benefit that all will want to access during their Cloud journey.

But what does agility look like? From an IT perspective, it involves moving away from traditional cultures focused on consistency, maintaining operational integrity at all costs and long, drawn-out release cycles. Many organizations will try to embrace a DevOps model, empowering their development teams to make key decisions, as well as experiment and adopt a fail-fast mentality; allowing them to develop, launch and rescind products quickly.

Achieving true business agility can’t stop at the IT team. For your developers to be empowered to innovate, the right governance and security policies need to be put in place and HR/recruitment practices need to adapt to support agile methodologies.

For more information on what it takes to be a truly agile and adaptable organization, read this blog from our Cloud Strategist, Jeremy Ward.

Increase Customer Focus & Innovation

In a disrupt-or-be-disrupted world, the primary value of cloud comes from the ability to innovate, differentiate and focus on the needs of your customers.

As mentioned before, moving to the Cloud provides new opportunities to modernize your existing applications and remove technical debt. It also allows you to experiment with new ways to generate value from your data and differentiate from your competitors.

Your Cloud Service Provider gives you access to a whole new toolkit that you can use to immediately use. begin experimenting with. The power and scope of these tools are growing year on year, with many of the CSPs introducing AI and Machine Learning tools into their ecosystem that can significantly enhance your data insights. This essentially provides you with Innovation as a Service, where, at relatively low cost, you can experiment and develop new products and services. This can be done quickly, (in a matter of hours rather than over a period of months) in a relatively low stakes environment and you can receive feedback from your market instantly.

As you can see, moving to the Cloud can provide a host of opportunities to enhance and grow your business. However, these benefits don’t happen automatically. Adopting cloud requires strategy, patience and a high tolerance for change. Sounds daunting? Never fear, our ebook Accelerate Cloud Adoption is here to help guide you through your journey and provide you with some must-have tips to help ease your Cloud transformation and gain the most from your technology.

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