If we’ve learned anything from the last year or so, it’s the importance of resilience and adaptability. For enterprises, that means the ability to rapidly respond, pivot and bounce back from many types of challenges – a global pandemic, an increasingly competitive business landscape, a natural disaster, a large-scale cyberattack, and more.  

To achieve that level of agility, organizations need a solid technology foundation that can flex to meet unforeseen challenges and support future growth. And that foundation is the cloud. In fact, according to IDC1, “Cloud adoption and opportunities will continue to expand leading to a $1 trillion market in 2024,” and “the COVID-19 pandemic has largely proven to be an accelerator of cloud adoption and extension and will continue to drive a faster conversion to cloud-centric IT.”

So how do you make the most of the cloud’s distributed, scalable nature? Read on to learn how a cloud native approach and DevOps services can benefit your business.

Cloud native – the modern approach to software development.

A cloud native approach is a set of tools and best practices that completely reshapes the notion of traditional software development. It means designing systems and applications that embrace rapid change. It means building immutable components that can be assembled into dynamically orchestrated solutions. It means development grounded in containers, microservices and service meshes.

Applications that aren’t designed for the cloud won’t deliver maximum business value, so it’s not enough to just lift and shift your on-premises applications to the cloud. A strategic analysis of existing dependencies and configurations, followed by the creation of a cloud modernization plan, is essential. 

By going cloud native, your IT team is empowered to quickly deploy and scale apps to address evolving requirements, experiment without the risk of system-wide disruption, and conduct rapid testing of new features.

A cloud native approach delivers big business benefits.

These enterprise-level benefits can be achieved by deploying resilient and agile cloud native applications: 

  • Boost adaptability to meet changing market conditions and challenges
  • Speed innovation to remain competitive and launch new services
  • Accelerate transformation to improve efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Deliver more services to customers and employees
  • Reduce operating costs through flexibly-priced tools 

Why DevOps methodology is best for cloud native success.

While a cloud native approach can help your organization to be more adaptable, innovative and transformative, DevOps is a methodology that aligns development and operations functions with a focus on automation, continuous improvement and cross-functional teams. The DevOps set of practices doesn’t apply to where applications reside – whether that be on-premise or in the cloud – but to the what… the culture, people, tools and processes required to develop and deliver applications. 

Culture and People

DevOps services helps to break down ingrained organizational silos by promoting collaboration across the business. Development, operations and lines of business teams must work closely together to achieve the shared objective of delivering new capabilities to the enterprise, quickly and efficiently. 


Using a DevOps framework to execute on your cloud native approach is an extremely effective way in which to achieve high levels of automation and scalability promised by containers, microservices and service meshes, and other cloud native tools and technologies.  


A DevOps methodology includes a set of processes that enable feedback loops between development and operations teams so that ongoing updates can be deployed to applications in production. For example, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) embed automation into the application development process, providing a fast and efficient way of creating and optimizing business capabilities. 

For enterprises seeking to turn up innovation, resilience and agility, a cloud native approach with DevOps methodology is gaining significant traction as a solid strategy for success.

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