The Challenge

Aspen Dental engaged with Cloudreach to support the migration of their workloads to Google Cloud Platform. They wanted to ensure their cloud environment had a robust governance, and where possible to reduce the overhead of their teams through automation.

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The Solution

Our Cloud Migration Service is designed to accelerate their adoption of Google Cloud with a comprehensive strategy, combining our world-class software platform, Cloudamize,  and a methodology that gave our customer the ability to not just move to the cloud but to be transformed in the cloud and leverage cloud-native technologies to set them up for success.  Read more Cloudreach case studies

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The Outcome

Cloud Migration is a technological and organizational change that requires careful coordination. Through this engagement, we were able to move this healthcare customer to a more modern mode of operating that is ready for capabilities and pace that accompany cloud, while also avoiding the common pitfalls often experienced by large enterprises in migrating to the cloud.

We were also able to:

  • Deliver improved application resiliency through leveraging Google Cloud Platform.
  • Facilitate the customer’s self-sufficiency with Google Cloud – improving their organizational agility.
  • Enable their teams to focus on higher value work through leveraging many of Google Cloud’s managed infrastructure services.


About the Customer

Aspen Dental Management, Inc. is one of the largest and fastest growing dental care providers in the United States, they operate over 900 offices and employ over 12,000 employees. They are committed to making it easier for their customers to access dental services, and they are actively exploring how technology can improve the customer experience.