The Challenge

The customer was running outdated hardware, software, and virtualization technology that was managed by a third party.  They were also dealing with slow response times from their provider and could not able to adopt and implement new features as quickly as they’d like.  This, coupled with the fact that their lease was soon to expire, made it an ideal time for a change.

Cloudreach’s long-standing experience and partnership in working with AWS gave the customer an extra level of comfort in knowing that they’d be working with leaders in cloud adoption. The customer trusted that Cloudreach could set them up for a successful business transformation; not just a lift-and-shift from one technology to another.  

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The Solution

Cloudreach was able to deliver an end-to-end, cloud adoption solution to help move the customer from its on-prem data center to AWS – focusing not only on its technological goals, but its business objectives as a whole. 

As an initial engagement, Cloudreach performed an analysis on the customer’s existing application, code, deployment model, and database. Once we had a full understanding of the organization’s technology stack, we migrated the customer’s application to AWS, providing a set of recommendations to leverage Amazon S3 for static site hosting and Windows Server replatforming. Cloudreach migrated the application to AWS while upgrading the underlying Windows Server and SQL Server environments. 

Through Cloudreach’s Cost Control service, the customer still benefits from the savings delivered by the implementation of Reserved Instances and RDs, the removal of unattached Amazon EBS volumes and the deletion of aged, orphaned snapshots.

The customer also benefits from ongoing operational support, including patch management for latest security protections, availability and performance monitoring, threat and vulnerability scanning, and regularly scheduled back-ups. They are also supported by Cloudreach’s 24/7/365 service desk and white-glove service delivery advice to ensure continuous improvement and optimization of their platform.

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The Outcome

After 3 months, the customer had its application up and running within AWS supported by Cloudreach. The customer had a path to remove third-party licensing costs, reduce infrastructure spend by 90%, and decrease the operational overhead. This path will help increase the productivity of the team and enable them to release functionality to the business quicker.

Because of the new tagging policy implemented by Cloudreach Cost Control, the customer can now clearly monitor, visualize, and manage its AWS spend, resulting in average monthly savings of £1,700.

The Customer

The customer provides business intelligence through consultancy solutions via economic and political forecasting, industry and risk analysis, and market opportunity identification. The customer also offers subscription services to its Intelligence Network, publishing analysis, forecasts, and data that are instantly accessible and continuously updated.

Cloudreach leverages AWS migration and managed services to help customer reduce infrastructure spend by 90%