The Challenge

As part of the transformation towards smoke-free products, PMI wishes to re-engineer the way it does business: gaining efficiency and driving innovation by standardizing and automating processes and leveraging cloud technologies.

To achieve this, PMI established a Cloud Transformation Program and engaged Cloudreach’s Team in Switzerland and AWS Professional Services to drive these initiatives to:

  • Migrate and modernize 500+ applications
  • Execute the mass migration to AWS starting in 2021
  • Develop a self-service layer on AWS
Global Payments

The Solution

Cloudreach engineers worked with the PMI Cloud Business Office (CBO) and trained PMI technical staff on key cloud tools and technologies to allow them to onboard their own customers onto the DEEP (AWS) platform.

With support from PMI operational teams, Cloudreach’s Cloudamize software was rolled out to 5,000 servers in the PMI Data Centers.  Cloudreach architects and engineers were embedded into PMI migration teams to assess legacy on-premise applications for re-platforming on AWS.

Cloudreach’s software engineers then modernized legacy Microsoft application and database code to open source.  Finally, Cloudreach’s engineers provisioned the cloud infrastructure and set up deployment pipelines to streamline and automate application deployment in the cloud.

Delaware North

The Outcome

Since Cloudreach came on board, PMI has realized significant achievements and milestones:

  • PMI’s DEEP (AWS) engineers are successfully onboarding internal customers to the DEEP (AWS) platform, helping them to provision their own cloud infrastructures and set up their own automated application deployment pipelines.
  • PMI is maintaining an up-to-date inventory list and managing the strategic vendor migration plan.
  • PMI has migrated a number of pilot applications to the DEEP (AWS) platform and has overcome the complex technical challenge of re-platforming Windows applications and databases to Open Source.

Philip Morris International

Philip Morris International (PMI) is a leading international tobacco company, with a diverse workforce of around 74,000 people across the globe and products in 61 markets. PMI’s is transforming and focusing its business on smoke-free products to replace cigarettes as soon as possible