The Challenge

When an opportunity arose for COMPAREX Brazil to migrate a large company’s 600 virtual machine on-premises environment to Azure, its manual assessment approach would have been too time-consuming and cumbersome. The company sought a more automated way to provide a comprehensive analysis.

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The Solution

COMPAREX Brazil deployed Cloudamize to help it conduct automated discovery and dependency mapping of on-premises infrastructure and provide accurate, third-party TCO calculations to its customers – without having to endure a tedious and time-consuming process. 

In the case of the large company, COMPAREX Brazil won the business by being able to provide the exact right-sized compute and storage option for each and every workload. Not only did this precision help COMPAREX Brazil show its customer exactly what to expect in terms of cost and performance, but it also helped with planning migration and move groups. 

The company also leverages the Azure Site Recovery (ASR) integration within Cloudamize, which enables consultants to plan and execute migrations in just a few clicks.


The Outcome

Cloudamize’s suite of automated analytics tools  helps COMPAREX Brazil accelerate delivery of TCO calculations for customers of all sizes, helping them gain confidence to move to Azure.

Now that COMPAREX Brazil can quickly demonstrate how to reduce IT costs without compromising performance by moving to a right-sized cloud, it can help customers move to the cloud sooner and meet performance requirements immediately upon migration.

“In our experience, the Cloudamize calculation is both more accurate and less expensive than calculations derived from manual methods which makes our customers happy and accelerates cloud adoption.”

Herlon Majolo, Cloud Solutions Architect, COMPAREX Brazil

Herlon Majolo - Testimonial


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