The Challenge

Delaware North’s on-premises data center was becoming too costly and inefficient to support its global operations and keep pace with growth. Struggling to constantly manage, upgrade, and replace its 225 servers, it planned to move most of its enterprise applications and operations to the cloud.

Delaware North

The Solution

Construction of a new headquarters building brought focus to Delaware North’s strategic planning—and led to a decision to migrate its datacenter infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS).  The company sought a detailed migration strategy to minimize disruption to operations. 

AWS Professional Services helped with the design phase and Cloudreach, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner was engaged to execute the project.

Almost all applications were moved to AWS, including enterprise software. The most dramatic physical change was the elimination of 205 servers; everything running on that hardware was migrated to AWS. The IT department decided to keep 20 servers on-premises at the new headquarters building to run communications and file-and-print tasks.

Delaware North

The Outcome

Six months into its cloud migration, Delaware North was realizing benefits in addition to data center consolidation: cost-effective security compliance; enhanced disaster recovery capabilities at a lower cost; and faster deployment times for new services.

It can now operate with greater speed and agility, enabling a faster response to business needs. It is repurposing saved time and resources to deliver more value to internal teams and customers.

“Cloudreach was instrumental in helping us continue to run a 24/7 global business while migrating our entire enterprise infrastructure.” 

Scott Mercer, head of the IT department’s service-oriented architecture team

Scott Mercer - Testiomonials

Delaware North

Delaware North originated in 1915 as a peanut and popcorn concessions vendor; today, it’s a major food and hospitality company serving more than 500 million customers annually at more than 200 locations around the world, including venues as diverse as the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, London Heathrow Airport, Kings Canyon Resort in Australia, and the Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field in Wisconsin.