The Challenge

The in-house IT service provider for Deutsche Telekom AG (DTIT) is undergoing an agile transformation in order to provide more efficient and cost-effective services to the business.

DTIT faced a significant task. It had hundreds of teams, projects and technologies in its legacy IT landscape and more than 500 applications – 80 percent of which needed to be migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud by 2024.

Furthermore, each and every application was required to pass through a Privacy and Security Assessment (PSA), a stringent privacy and compliance process.

DTIT sought the assistance of a trusted cloud partner to accelerate its transformation by providing expert knowledge and consultancy.

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The Solution

Cloudreach supported DTIT with two initiatives: “Security Jam” and “Kickstarter”.

The “Security Jam” was a one week workshop to support the PSA process. Standard templates were developed to allow teams to practically apply security controls and implement measurement of security requirements.

We created artefacts for 50 key AWS services, establishing a secure framework and guardrails for migrating applications.

In the “Kickstarter” initiative, Cloudreach cloud engineers and architects were embedded in DTIT application teams (known as “Hubs”) to accelerate their cloud transformation journey.

Cloudreach provided expertise in the areas of containerization, automation of infrastructure provisioning (Infrastructure as Code) and code integration/deployment (CI/CD).

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The Partnership

The teamwork and collaboration with the Deutsche Telekom IT teams was excellent. The DTIT teams were keen to learn new cloud skills, resulting in considerable upskilling and significant progress towards the goal of cloudification of the on-premise estate. 

Synergies between teams resulted in efficiencies and time savings by producing reusable templates for all teams to take advantage of.

Cloudreach Regional Manager Ralf Schäfer noted: “The outstanding relationship with Deutsche Telekom and AWS has been further cemented and we are looking forward to achieving even greater results together in the future”.

The Outcome

DTIT is now significantly further ahead in its journey to the cloud, thanks to Cloudreach. Some of the feedback from the DTIT Hubs regarding the Kickstarter initiative:

“This partnership enabled us to move forward with the cloud adoption, as well as integration and migration of our current and future projects in an efficient way. For upcoming projects, we won’t have to solve the same challenges as the first runners; we can simply take advantage of well-described reusable solutions –  sort of like IT recipes”.

Peter Vrbičan, Cloud Architect, Deutsche Telekom IT 

 “It is only the beginning of our journey, and not the end, for sure. We will proceed with activities like the Kickstarter initiative because we’ve learned that a close and intensive partner engagement provides us with expertise and support,  to achieve cloudification targets much more easily”.

Noushin Parvizi, Deutsche Telekom IT Program Manager 

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Customer Description

Deutsche Telekom’s in-house IT service provider (DTIT) is responsible for the design, development, and operation of the group’s IT systems that support business processes. DTIT also creates user-friendly web portals with intelligent self-service functions, which form the basis for an integrated, cross-channel customer experience.