The Challenge

DO & CO Aktiengesellschaft (DO & CO) is a gourmet entertainment company that provides airline catering, international event catering and operates restaurants, lounges and hotels. In order to support current and future business requirements in a more flexible and agile way, the enterprise wanted to move its on-premises environment to the cloud. DO & CO sought to:

  • Deliver consistent services and provide common, reusable architectures across the group
  • Improve business resilience and reduce attack surface vulnerabilities
  • Provide responsive services that optimise value and leverage economies of scale
  • Build expertise and operational capabilities to sustain and run services in a new delivery model

As part of the data centre exit plan, DO & CO lifted and shifted a portion of its workloads to AWS. Driven by the resiliency of public cloud, but as relative newcomers to the platform, the company decided to engage an experienced migration and managed services support partner for the remaining workloads.

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The Solution

Cloudreach provided comprehensive data centre migration and support services to DO & CO to facilitate the migration of applications, systems and workloads across the group.

  • Leveraged Cloudamize, our high precision analytics and automation software platform to assess the client estate and build a plan for migration
  • Leveraged the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) to help offset the costs of migrations and introduce best practices
  • Conducted cloud landing zone and governance framework workshops and application deep dives to prepare for migrations
  • Designed and enhanced the AWS cloud landing zone, remediating security concerns ahead of migrations

Key AWS technologies included EC2, AWS FSx, S3, AWS Application Migration Service (MGN), AWS Security Hub and AWS Control Tower.

Cloudreach is providing managed services for DO & CO’s AWS cloud environment, which comprises a full suite of infrastructure reliability services: 24/7 service desk, continuous improvement, patch management, health and monitoring, threat and vulnerability, backup and restore. Cloudreach is also providing AWS resale.

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The Outcome

DO & CO has realised significant benefits as a result of the migration and managed services delivered by Cloudreach:

  • The Cloudamize Assessment identified cost reduction opportunity of 69% based on rightsizing and optimisation recommendations
  • The MAP funded business case identified a further €1.7M in cost avoidance through exiting the data centres and €120K in cost avoidance through a simplified business continuity and Disaster Recovery architecture
  • Cloudreach assessed more than 200 workloads across three data centres. Using a combination of Cloudamize and collaborative workshops, over 70% were identified as being able to be retired or archived, resulting in the remaining 30 applications and 110 servers rehosted and replatformed to AWS
  • Although the data centre exit presented time pressures, opportunities to modernise were identified early on in the project and delivered as part of the migration. This included migrating corporate file data from traditional server-based hosting to AWS FSx; a fully managed shared storage service. As a result, management overhead and cost were reduced while also increasing security and performance for DO & CO.
  • Through moving to Cloud DO&CO has benefited from reduced risk and improved business continuity through cloud governance and enhanced infrastructure security, availability and reliability.
  • Subsequent to the migrations, and with a focus on FinOps best practices, Cloudreach has helped implement AWS Savings Plans for DO & CO, reducing the AWS consumption bill by a further €12k per month

As DO & CO’s cloud environment matures, the company can take advantage of application modernisation and further landing zone enhancements to achieve even greater flexibility in supporting its transformation initiatives.

The Partnership

Cloudreach was invited to an RFP process and, as part of the bid, suggested that DO & CO leverage the AWS Optimized Licensing Assessment (OLA) program (an initiative that helps organisations assess and optimise current on-premises and cloud environments) ahead of migrations.

An AWS Premier Partner with 700+ certifications and 14 competencies/ specialisations, Cloudreach handled DO & CO’s rapidly changing requirements and scheduled migration waves to accommodate the dynamic business needs. Cloudreach demonstrated its ability to collaborate by working seamlessly with AWS and third party vendors throughout the migration process.

“Cloudreach provided us the reassurance to embark on this major transformation as well as the expertise to reduce our risks and increase our likelihood of success.  Their team was knowledgeable, skilled and methodical. They have been alongside us every step of the way.”

– Nigel Lemmon, Group Head of Digital Technology, DO & CO

“Cloudreach was an excellent partner to help us accelerate our journey to cloud.”

  • Nadir Khan, Enterprise Architect, DO & CO

“The migration expertise and deep understanding of AWS services that exist within our Premier Service and migration competency partner Cloudreach is simply outstanding. During the last few months the company has shown that the work has been done on a super professional level. Cloudreach always acted in a very customer-obsessed way, and maximised the AWS funding benefits in the best interests of the customer.”

  • Michael Hauser, Senior Account Executive, AWS EMEA Sarl Austrian branch

About the Customer

As a listed Austrian company with the three business segments of Airline Catering, International Event Catering, and Restaurants, Lounges & Hotel, DO & CO offers Gourmet Entertainment all over the world. It operates 32 locations in 12 countries on three continents, maintaining the highest standard of quality in both products and service.