The Challenge

The company sought to modernize and replicate its storefront application across all locations. To scale in an efficient and cost-effective way, it required technical expertise and guidance to design and deploy a governance framework built on best practices.

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The Solution

Cloudreach conducted an assessment of the company’s estate and processes, uncovering many instances where governance was required. 

In the design phase, Cloudreach created a tenant model for the various applications and entities, including activities such as:

  • Creating a high level enterprise structure. 
  • Standardizing usage of Terraform templates for deploying governed Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusters.
  •  Improving security posture.
  •  Drafting a disaster recovery plan.

 The implementation phase involved numerous aspects, including:

  • Creating a new landing zone to empower easy onboarding of application components.
  • Using AKS to create a network infrastructure.
  • Integrating AKS clusters into the higher level tenant model.
  • Triggering the creation of new processes and modifying current ones.
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The Outcome

The beauty company now has a comprehensive governance framework that will help:

  • Decrease unnecessary costs.
  • Make resource consumption more efficient.
  • Create a framework for application deployment.
  • Increase security posture.

The company continues to move forward with landing zone design and implementation, focusing mainly on Kubernetes clusters and a multi-tenant hybrid scenario.


This leading European beauty enterprise, founded 200 years ago, offers thousands of beauty and lifestyle products in online channels and at more than 2,000 retail shops across Europe.