The Challenge

With millions of daily visitors and billions of ad impressions daily, the company was looking to scale through leveraging cloud security components and to modernize its infrastructure to support the continued surge in daily website visitors. Due to growth, the company wanted to ensure it was remaining compliant and to enforce stricter protocols.

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The Solution

Cloudreach migrated the customer’s billing platform to Google Cloud Platform and implemented the GCP environment in compliance with PCI-DSS.

Throughout the engagement, Cloudreach provided guidance and implementation efforts to:

  • Enforce more strict security protocols
  • Increase standardization and automation around security policy/procedure. 
  • Leverage cloud-native security tools and APIs, thereby reducing operational and compliance overhead
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The Outcome

We focused on reducing the risk associated with human intervention by automating the deployment of services and software. 

We also simplified the architecture and reduced complexity by utilising GCP shared and managed services while upgrading existing software deployments and making use of next-generation services.

We decreased the amount of manual effort needed to maintain perimeter security, user/service access and endpoint security boundaries, via Cloud IAM.

About the Customer

This global information technology firm develops industry-leading solutions to improve the speed and efficiency of content delivery to millions of customers worldwide.