The Challenge

Siloed data and lack of a unified infrastructure made it difficult for this company to gain an understanding of real-time customer experience levels. From a digital transformation perspective, it sought strategic direction on how to bring about cultural change and become more customer-centric.

The Instillery

The Solution

Cloudreach translated business requirements into a technology solution and created an innovation platform for customer insight—pivotal tooling that enables this massive shift in thinking. It comprises a Microsoft Azure cloud native infrastructure and data pipelines to allow for data aggregation across globally-dispersed retail stores.

We developed end-to-end data processing pipelines (Airflow, Docker containers) to enable all customer and store data aggregation, developed the Azure Kubernetes Service infrastructure using Terraform, and deployed CI/CD pipelines that provide output to link customer sentiment with service elements. Cloudreach’s proven data engineering approach was used for data visualization, data mart, and data analysis.

Global Retailer

The Outcome

The customer insights platform is now live in 46 languages across more than half of the dozens of countries in which the retailer operates. Repeatable code developed by Cloudreach makes it possible to quickly roll out the solution across additional locations. The secure, agile and scalable data platform is a key catalyst and driver for the company’s digital transformation and is a model for future, cost-efficient data initiatives.

About the Customer

This Cloudreach customer is a 60+ year old global retailer that started as a catalogue-based business and has grown to hundreds of retail stores, becoming one of the most well-known brands in the world. For much of the company’s history, its focus was on its warehouse stores – the retailer has now expanded its scope to all points of sale including website, warehouse, and smaller stores, with websites in 46 languages across more than 30 countries.