The Challenge

In order to bring its next generation secure healthcare communications system to market, this healthcare technology company needed help navigating the complexities of the project and deploying the solution on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Global Payments

The Solution

To start, Cloudreach conducted a modernization blueprint to ensure the company was on the right strategic path. We challenged the system design and helped define a far more operationally stable and reliable deployment target on GCP using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). 

With a primary focus on security and service availability, we approached the engagement as a multi-phased effort of strategy, system design, GKE implementation and DevOps implementation. Finally we conducted resiliency testing by using Chaos Engineering techniques.

Through multiple workstreams, we were able to deliver the project at a rapidly accelerated pace and well within the budget and time scope.

Large Healthcare Technology Organization

The Outcome

As a result, the healthcare technology provider was able to go to market with its communications product sooner than planned and with a high degree of confidence in the features and stability of the next generation solution.

By using GCP and container technologies, the organization was able to immediately leverage GKE’s HIPAA compliance, reducing its regulatory burden. It has also decreased its operation and maintenance costs and system complexity while increasing service availability.

About the Customer

Since the early 2000’s, this leading healthcare technology company has been providing secure identity management solutions to healthcare organizations across the globe.