The Challenge

NimbleCommerce needed to cut its AWS deployment costs significantly. With more than 100,000 merchants and 23+ million subscribers, sacrificing performance was not an option. It also sought to improve visibility of ongoing cost data without creating significant overhead for its team.

National US Retailer

The Solution

NimbleCommerce configured an environment on Cloudamize and a week following implementation it had a set of actionable, prioritized recommendations to optimize its AWS deployment, including both the steps and supporting economics to:

  • Reduce specific servers where over-provisioned.
  • Utilize optimal pricing plans across assets.
  • Increase the size of individual servers to meet established performance goals.

The analysis extended to the instance level and was supported with detailed historical performance data. This provided NimbleCommerce with a high degree of certainty to act on the recommended changes.

To ensure its infrastructure kept pace with its exponential growth, NimbleCommerce also leveraged Cloudamize’s planning tool.

Nimble Commerce

The Outcome

With the Cloudamize platform, NimbleCommerce identified critical actions to realize a 46% reduction in its AWS spend and developed a roadmap to bring all instances into an optimal performance range. 

By using Cloudamize’s planning tool, it has eliminated the need to perform load tests and can now rapidly construct scenarios for its future platform, thus reducing planning cycles from days to minutes.

“With Cloudamize, we’ve optimized our current AWS deployment and we’re now able to make confident planning decisions to support our business needs.”

Umang Gopani, Senior Systems Administrator

Umang Gopani - Testimonial


NimbleCommerce works with some of the largest global publishers to create shopping experiences that match the brand and monetize their content. It offers a flexible platform, network of offers and products from leading suppliers and the most knowledgeable team in the business to help its customers succeed in e-commerce. NimbleCommerce is a privately held company, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA with offices in New York City, and London.