The Challenge

SentriLock planned to migrate to the cloud and sought expert assistance to help plan and facilitate an effective and secure migration to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The Instillery

The Solution

Cloudreach was engaged to complete SentriLock’s cloud migration and train its team on best practices.

After finalizing SentriLock’s design requirements, we delivered a set of templates that deploy ‘Infrastructure as Code” materials to enable it to quickly leverage GCP. These templates included the deployment of GCP Projects, VPC Configuration, Subnets, route tables, froles, a VPN and VPN  Peering.

Once established, Cloudreach conducted a series of cloud education workshops to train the SentriLock team on governance, networking and managed services in the  cloud.

Our  team supported SentriLock by ensuring the Google Cloud environment meets industry best practices for access, security and networking requirements.


The Outcome

As a result of this cloud migration, SentriLock was able to modernize its infrastructure by quickly, effectively and securely leveraging the Google Cloud Platform in an enterprise-ready format.

The educational workshops empowered SentriLock’s team to accelerate time-to-value from cloud adoption.

About the Customer

Sentrilock is a leader in the secure access management space that develops products with a focus on stability, durability and versatility. It provides mobile applications and manufactures its own electronic lockboxes. As a company, It is committed to enhancing the experience of its end-users  in the real estate, healthcare and property management markets.