The Challenge

This state Government approached Google and Cloudreach knowing they had a vast wealth of information, but without an ability to make rational decisions about this data due to the sheer volume and velocity.

They leveraged Google Cloud’s big data products to bring together this data, from multiple agencies and sources, into a central data visualization platform, and distill analysis and insights along with public data sources.

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The Solution

After rapidly assembling a data pipeline into BigQuery, we were able to leverage Looker to produce a series of visualizations and analysis addressing several three key use cases and challenges:

  • Current and projected COVID-19 cases (contracted and morbidity) by state, county, zip code.
  • A comparison of multiple popular projection models at the same time to monitor the effectiveness of Executive Orders and the public’s compliance.
  • Understand the healthcare supply and utilization levels to provide an insight into utilization and projections – informing resource allocation.

By bringing together both private datasets owned by the State’s entities, along with Google’s Public Data Sets, we were able to correlate and understand the public response. 

Through working with their epidemiologists and infectious disease experts, we provided them with the ability to adapt variables to test various theories – and the associated outcome – to enable policy makers to make the right decisions.


The Outcome

While containing the spread of the COVID pandemic requires a response across all sectors and agencies, enabling key government stakeholders to leverage their data allows them to better informed and respond. Google Cloud was able to support this endeavor due to the strength of their big data products.

Cloudreach built a comprehensive data analytics and visualization platform that could show the current pandemic status and enable a variety specific projections that modeled the effectiveness of executive orders and public response. Most importantly, we were able to assist in safeguarding the citizens of this state, without risking their privacy

State and Local Government

Our customer is one of the largest States in the South with a population of over 20 million citizens. It is one of the top three largest States by population and has a triple digit GDP. The Governor’s Office reached out to understand what assistance we could offer to better inform the State’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.