The Challenge

SUSE’s team in Germany engaged Cloudreach to implement a GCP Cloud Landing Zone (the underlying core configuration of any cloud adoption environment including Security, Identity and Access Management and Networking).

SUSE requested the Landing Zone to provide a cloud environment for its engineers to develop and test SUSE applications which customers run in their GCP public cloud production environments.

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The Solution

 In just two weeks, Cloudreach set up the Cloud Landing Zone:

  • Cloudreach’s cloud architect provided an initial draft design, then executed the setup of the Cloud Landing Zone using automated Terraform templates (Infrastructure as Code (IaC)). 
  • The Cloud Landing Zone was configured with a basic account structure (known as “folders” divided into “projects” in GCP terminology) according to GCP best practices – the so-called “Minimum Viable Landing Zone”.
  • In addition, Cloudreach set up a billing account via its reseller agreement with SUSE and provided aggregated logging functionality.
  • Finally, Cloudreach provided SUSE with a Governance Report to help SUSE manage the Cloud Landing Zone according to security and compliance best practices.
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The Outcome

The implementation of the GCP Cloud Landing Zone was a success for SUSE and can be used as a template for future GCP implementations. 

With the setup of the CI/CD pipeline, the provisioning of IaC is now automated and can be done in a secure way, thus giving SUSE a much higher degree of control over its cloud environment.

The Partnership

SUSE was very appreciative of the close collaboration between our teams and the streamlined way in which we approached the deployment. By delivering in small incremental steps and conducting systematic reviews, Cloudreach was able to establish a regular cadence and create a continuous feedback loop with the SUSE team.


About the Customer

SUSE is a global leader in innovative, reliable and secure enterprise-grade open source solutions, specializing in business-critical Linux, enterprise container management and edge solutions. SUSE collaborates with partners and communities to empower customers to innovate everywhere – from the data center, to the cloud, to the edge and beyond.

About Cloudreach

Cloudreach, an Atos company, is the world’s leading multi-cloud services company and Google Cloud are both cloud originators who have partnered since 2010 to remain cloud innovators. As a current Google Cloud premier partner and Strategic MSP, Cloudreach offers native expertise in a variety of award-winning Google Cloud technologies. In fact, security experts from Cloudreach helped author the Google Cloud Platform Security Certification, and Cloudreach is a three-time Google Cloud Partner of the Year for Security. Organizations of all verticals and sizes can benefit from the unique, proven approach that Cloudreach offers, backed by the best in Google Cloud technology.