The Challenge

Trace One’s physical data center in the US was nearing capacity. Since the upgrade process would be expensive and time-consuming in terms of installing and validating new hardware, it sought to evolve its infrastructure and move to the cloud.

National US Retailer

The Solution

Cloudreach helped Trace One close down its US data center, optimize and remove unnecessary servers and migrate its US services to Google Compute Engine.  

The company uses Compute Engine for its professional service environments, enabling the team to create environments on demand and in parallel. Services can be created in a click and servers can be closed down overnight to control costs.

In order to further build on its automation capabilities and decrease costs, Trace One is now looking at moving its UK and France data centers to the cloud.

Trace One

The Outcome

As a result of closing its US data center and implementing Google Compute Engine, Trace One now has a flexible infrastructure-as-a-service that can easily be expanded to meet peaks in demand, improving cost efficiency. In fact, the company has reduced hardware and operation costs by 40%.

System reliability and availability have been improved, enabling better customer service. The Google solution also supports improved security compliance.

“We’re no longer thinking about the technology behind our product. Since moving to the cloud, we don’t need to manage various layers of infrastructure, so our research and development team can focus more on developing new uses for GCP, such as machine learning. We have still a lot of work to do to prepare our Paris and UK data centers for moving to the cloud. With the help of Cloudreach, we’ll get there!”

Michaël Cohen, CTO, Trace One

Michaël Cohen Cloudreach Team

Trace One

Trace One powers one of the largest business networks for fast-moving consumer goods professionals, from 20,000 companies in over 100 countries. Its ambition is to become a one-stop shop for private label goods, enabling retailers and suppliers to grow their network globally, source or promote products, and stay on top of industry trends, all in one place.