The Challenge

TRAX International Corporation (TRAX) is a leading provider of professional and technical services for U.S. federal government agencies and energy solutions for commercial clients. Due to the nature of its defense work, TRAX needed a provider that would help it meet Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance requirements.

TRAX worked with Cloudreach to explore cloud migration options and strategies that were purpose-built for defense industrial base companies.

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The Solution

After evaluating government cloud providers, TRAX selected AWS GovCloud as the best fit. Cloudreach secured AWS Windows Rapid Migration Program funding for the migration project. 

Our Zero to Cloud in 50 Days program was used to accelerate the company’s adoption of AWS cloud and was the first step in the larger 40+ VM migration from TRAX’s on-premises data center. The program involves fast-track cloud adoption, including a lighthouse migration to quickly prove out the value of cloud. Cloudreach followed this process to complete the migration:

  • Cloudamize Assessment – Conducted discovery workshops for requirements gathering, current-state assessment with our high precision analytics and automation software platform, developed migration timeline.
  • Design – Hosted collaborative design sessions, developed a high-level design.
  • Landing Zone Implementation – Built, coded and configured services in the new AWS environment.
  • Migration – Deployed the EC2 instances, assisted with data transfer to AWS, provided support and troubleshooting during cutover.
  • Validation – Validated applications and build.
  • Knowledge Transition – TRAX owns with Cloudreach support.

Several AWS technologies were used in this solution, including EC2, ELB, AWS Config, SSO, S3, CloudTrail, AWS Config, GuardDuty, AWS Shield and Palo Alto Firewall.

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The Outcome

As a result of the timely migration of 40+ VMs to AWS GovCloud, TRAX has realized a number of benefits:

  • Ability to meet stringent CMMC security compliance requirements.
  • Improved infrastructure performance and reliability.
  • Ease of maintenance and manageability for the IT team.
  • Scalable and agile environment on which to grow its business. Servers can be spun up in minutes without constraint.

The Partnership

TRAX was introduced to Cloudreach, an AWS Premier Partner with 700+ certifications and 14 competencies/specializations, through the AWS Optimized Licensing Assessment (OLA) program — an initiative that helps organizations assess and optimize current on-premises for migration to cloud environments. 

Cloudreach delivered a series of workshops and developed a runbook to ensure TRAX’s IT department would be highly proficient in managing its own AWS environment. Cloudreach also provided a further level of support through daily stand-up calls and weekly status update calls.

“Our mission-critical migration to AWS GovCloud was completed with the help of the Cloudreach team and AWS. Everything went smoothly, came in under budget, and was completed in 90 days.” 

– Steve Justis, TRAX CIO

“The Cloudreach team worked effectively with both AWS and TRAX International to solve the customer’s needs. TRAX was deciding between staying in a colocation, or moving to the cloud. Cloudreach worked closely with my team and me to ensure AWS GovCloud could support TRAX’s needs and did a full TCO leveraging Cloudamize tooling. Cloudreach then helped TRAX test a small piece in AWS with the Hypercare and onRamp program, which helped build confidence that AWS was the right long-term platform for its business needs. Everything came in under budget and a smooth migration of all workloads was completed to AWS in 90 days.”

– Corey Zamora, AWS Account Manager


About the Customer

TRAX International Corporation is a leading provider of professional and technical services for U.S. federal government agencies, and energy solutions for commercial clients. TRAX specializes in test and evaluation, IT and engineering, and logistics and outsourced services. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, TRAX has 1,300 employees at operations located across the U.S., Central and Latin America, and Asia.