The Challenge

When the food service company decided to move its on-premises environment to the cloud, it sought a partner to help it become familiar with cloud technologies, select a cloud service provider, perform the full migration and manage the new cloud infrastructure.

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The Solution

The US-based food products company wanted to see a change – fast – and Cloudreach delivered. With our Zero to Cloud in 50 Days program, Cloudreach delivered:

  • Scoped the migration and conducted a TCO analysis with Cloudamize, our high precision analytics platform.
  • Automated provisioning by using an infrastructure-as-code approach.
  • Used our onRamp™ for AWS approach for fast-track cloud adoption, including a lighthouse migration to quickly prove out the value of cloud.
  • Deployed AWS technologies such as Amazon RDS to simplify the setup, operation and scaling of relational databases, and CloudEndure to automate application migration.

Cloudreach now manages this clients’ AWS Cloud with a full suite of infrastructure reliability services.

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The Outcome

Here’s how the food service company is benefiting from migrating to AWS cloud:

  • Long term costs savings, including the preclusion of CAPEX for equipment expenses and elimination of on-premises infrastructure management costs.
  • IT staff is freed up to focus on innovation.
  • Greater control and visibility of infrastructure performance.
  • Improved security, stability and reliability of its technology foundation.
  • Ability to create new capabilities through the use of cloud-based features.

Watch the Customer Success Story

Get an on-demand recording of how the customer leveraged best in class migration software tooling, Cloudamize, and Cloudreach’s proven accelerated migration methodology to land in the cloud in just 50 days.

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