How to Operate a Digitally Advanced Enterprise in 2023

In today’s digital world, cloud is the indisputable foundation of a resilient, competitive, and green enterprise. But though cloud acceleration is likely to continue, many enterprises fail to realize the full benefits of cloud due to inadequate skills, evolving leadership requirements, and difficulty controlling costs while driving digital initiatives.

Becoming a digital enterprise requires a transformational mindset, and success depends on the ability of cloud-enabled enterprises to:

Control and optimize cloud costs to relieve pressure on the bottom line.

Acquire IT leadership
competencies that go beyond technology to drive the enterprisewide digital journey.

Strategically address the cloud skills gap across IT and business functions.

Anticipate IT needs beyond the cloud to support continuous innovation.


Failing to do all this can jeopardize the enterprise’s ability to meet its corporate goals, many organizations rely on third-party IT service providers’ expertise to navigate the plethora of challenges that come with scaling cloud operating models.

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In this IDC InfoBrief you will learn:

  • Why it is important to become a cloud-enabled enterprise and why many fail to realize all the benefits of cloud.
  • What challenges prevent your enterprise from reaping the value of cloud at scale.
  • How to overcome those barriers to drive your organization’s journey and think beyond cloud to create the platform continuum out of the edge.

Download the InfoBrief

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