Cloudreach at AWS re:Invent 2021

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Cloud Trend #1
“The Cloud Native Enterprise”
w/ Jake Burns (AWS)
Enterprise Strategist 

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Cloud Trend #2
“AI/Data Driven Migration & Modernisation”
w/ Jonathan Allen (AWS)
Director, Enterprise Strategy

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Cloud Trend #3
“Living on the Edge”
w/  Sammy Cheung, Cloudreach
Principal Technical Advisor

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Cloud Trend #5
“The Talent Crisis”
w/ Tara Tapper, Chief People Officer, Cloudreach
& Holly Norman Head of AWS Marketing, Cloudreach

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Cloud Trend #4
“Developing DQ”
w/ Phil Le-Brun (AWS)
Enterprise Strategist, Former CIO

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Cloud Trend #6
“Decarbonize yr Tech”
w / Keisha Garcia, VP Digital Foundations Programs (bp)
& Thomas Blood (AWS) Digital Innovation Leader

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Thursday Dec 2 @ 12.30
“Security Implications of Cloud Trends”
w/ Clarke Rodgers (AWS) Enterprise Security Strategist

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Cloud Trends 2022: 6 Ways to Advance Cloud Modernization

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The last 18 months saw CIOs gain more influence across the business as tech conversations topped agendas in the boardroom. So, how are you leveraging this new level of board sponsorship post-COVID? In this session, the Cloudbusting podcast team present their top trends in cloud modernization for 2022, helping you identify opportunities to capitalize on the maturing cloud market. Gain insights from real customer stories on how automated, software-driven migration and modernization is driving business value and learn what organizations must do, both technically and culturally, to grow their leaders DQ (Digital Quotient) and deliver the promise of the cloud

keisha-garciaKeisha Garcia
VP Digital Foundations Programs at bp

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Tara Tapper - Chief People OfficerTara Tapper
Chief People Officer at Cloudreach

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DaveDave Chapman
Head of Product and Marketing at Cloudreach
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Jez Ward Jez Ward
Executive Cloud Advisor and Head of Advisory at Cloudreach
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Cloudamize takes the guesswork out of cloud transformation and helps you get there with ease, speed and accuracy. Designed for enterprise organizations looking to bridge the gap between assessment of their on-premise environment and public cloud adoption, Cloudamize focuses on a single application to help customers quickly migrate workloads to AWS.

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sunstone cloudreach

A software platform that will identify high impact, low effort, in-cloud modernization targets that can boost performance, increase security, reduce cost and drive innovation across your applications.

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Partner Speaking Session: Co-selling software-enabled partner solutions with Cloudreach and AWS

Brooks Borcherding, CEO, Cloudreach
Amanda Sleight, AWS Commercial Lead, UK

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72% of IT leaders rely on regional system integrators to help them realize their cloud goals, according to a recent IDC survey with Cloudreach and AWS. In this session, Cloudreach CEO, Brooks Borcherding, and Amanda Sleight, Commercial Lead, UK at AWS, explore how they’ve proactively packaged and built software-enabled solutions that help customers accelerate migrations, drive value through modernization, and realize the promise of cloud. Learn more about the various programs, tools, resources, and best practices that can help you accelerate engagement with AWS and further promote your service solutions to customers.