NEW YORK, 9th August, 2017

Cloudreach, a company majority owned by Blackstone Tactical Opportunities, today announced that it has acquired professional services firm Emerging Technology Advisors (ETA) in a Blackstone backed deal. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Cloudreach currently has significant presence in both Europe and North America and serves some of the world’s largest organizations including BP, Hearst Corporation and Volkswagen Financial Services. Following Cloudreach’s acquisition by Blackstone back in February, their joint ambition was to become the leading global software-enabled cloud services provider. Priorities were to invest in software-enablement, application development capabilities and geographic expansion. Last week’s merger with Cloudamize is followed by this acquisition of ETA, which is the first step in fulfilling its application-centric vision. As enterprises accelerate their adoption of the cloud, there is an increasing need to not only move applications, but also modernize them and create new ones. Enterprises, from Big Four accounting firms to national healthcare IT providers, look to ETA for their most critical modernization and architectural challenges. ETA drives corporate innovation initiatives through the use of emerging technologies, from machine learning and blockchain, to serverless architectures and containers as a service. “We have brought in many, many consultants over the years and I can honestly state I am most impressed with ETA’s knowledge and ability to quickly and accurately absorb our requirements and the architecture” says Fajen Kyne, Chief Architect, Imprivata. A recent research paper published by Gartner recommends that, in order to devise an effective cloud computing strategy, EA teams should “create a multifaceted application strategy to determine when rehosting, refactoring, rebuilding or replacing applications delivers value, and how new applications can be built using cloud-optimized and cloud-native design principles”.1 The acquisition will combine Cloudreach’s leadership in enterprise cloud adoption, migration and optimization with ETA’s expertise in digital transformation and corporate innovation. This will give Cloudreach the unique ability to architect, implement, optimize and modernize applications for the enterprise, as part of a comprehensive digital transformation effort. Cloudreach will also be expanding on ETA’s existing community efforts including the New DaVinci program, NodeBots, and its numerous technical meetups and conferences to engage and support the open source community. “ETA brings a wealth of experience, excellent reputation in the community and a wonderful  culture. Core to our vision to be the category leader for software-enabled cloud services is the ability to enable our customers to modernize applications and innovate using hyperscale cloud.  ETA moves us towards completing that vision. We are very excited to extend the Cloudreach family with such a talented organisation” says Pontus Noren, CEO and co-founder of Cloudreach. “ETA was built around a simple principle – that elite technology solutions come from elite technologists.” said Glynn LoPresti, ETA Co-Founder. “Our team has a passion for pioneering solutions to complex (and often, novel) technical challenges for our clients, and we’ve found a similar acumen in the Cloudreach team. This merger will combine their leadership in enterprise cloud adoption, with our expertise in digital transformation and corporate innovation. We look forward to joining the Cloudreach family and providing clients and communities with the cutting-edge technologies of today, along with a vision for tomorrow.” About Cloudreach We believe tomorrow’s leaders will be those who take advantage of cloud technologies to beat the competition. Cloudreach’s mission is to enable this outcome through intelligent and innovative cloud adoption by providing capabilities to enable, integrate and operate cloud platforms. Our primary partners are AWS, Microsoft and Google, whose cloud platforms underpin everything we do and have done since we started the business in 2009. As the oldest AWS System Integrator on the planet, our experience in enabling, integrating, and operating IT (public cloud to some of you) is unparalleled. Cloudreach is part of Blackstone’s portfolio of companies. Blackstone is one of the world’s leading investment firms with assets under management of over USD 367 billion. About Emerging Technology Advisors (ETA) Emerging Technology Advisors (ETA) is a professional services firm focused on helping clients modernize the way they do business. Our team consists of elite technologists and creatives who specialize in implementing (and creating) cutting-edge technologies and design practices. Services include System Architecture, Infrastructure and Operations, Application Engineering and Development, Business Process Engineering, User Experience Design, and more. At ETA, we work with clients of all sizes, applying cutting-edge technologies to transform and modernize their organizations. We have a proven track record of innovation and success, as well as partnerships with industry leaders like Google, Docker, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services. 1 Gartner, “Devise an Effective Cloud Computing Strategy by Answering Five Key Questions”, Analyst David W. Cearley, November 2015,  Refreshed June 2017 MEDIA CONTACT: