• Cloudreach has developed a data visualization projection platform on Google Cloud to help US States react to ongoing COVID-19 challenges
  • Can be quickly tailored to individual State requirements, tackling resource management in healthcare, emergency response, natural disasters, traffic routing and analysis, and more

NEW YORK – May 12, 2020 – Global cloud solutions provider, Cloudreach, has launched a data visualization projection platform developed on Google Cloud that is helping each US state plan, prepare and react to the ongoing challenges raised by COVID-19.

Already operational in some states, the platform delivers unique and tailored data to each state and its governors. It enables state decision-makers to respond to local requirements on a case-by-case basis and model the impact of potential actions to best protect their constituents. This is achieved through connecting national and local data feeds to the platform and visualizing chosen economic indicators. A few examples include employment rates within the tourism sector, daily traffic flows, and supply-and-demand data for rural areas.

Chris Williams, General Manager, Google Cloud Platform at Cloudreach, said: “US federal and state policy leaders are working against this rapidly spreading novel enemy in unprecedented times. They need a level of insight and understanding into how the pandemic is affecting our daily lives, which is difficult for any human to comprehend because the growth is exponential rather than linear.

“Our platform gives emergency state management and politicians a line of sight to plan ahead, by applying and overlaying projection models so they can plot all potential outcomes, how they overlap, and where decisions need to be made.”

Live data
The platform is designed to help public sector leaders make proactive decisions based on live bespoke data relevant to their state, assisting in the implementation of three key areas:

  • Reopening the economy: clarity on when to reopen a state’s economy. This will be a complex process, so the platform will assist in understanding which areas of a state should lead in the process. This will help provide the safest roadmap for the reintroduction of sub-economies – e.g where cities classed as ‘safe’ will be able to reopen small businesses, such as shops and restaurants.
  • Planning for possible ‘second wave’: heading into the fall and winter, the platform gives states specific and bespoke data that flags the early signs of reemergence. Areas of risk can then be dealt with from zip code to zip code, should a reemergence occur. The bespoke data becomes critical as different states, cities and towns in different environments will respond differently with their safety measures.
  • Natural disasters outside of COVID-19: providing the appropriate resource to meet the demands of COVID-19 has left fewer resources available to deal with other natural disasters and other emergencies. Cloudreach is providing instant insight into the resources that are available, allowing emergency responders to plan ahead and react to situations where they need to confirm available assets, including staff, vehicles, hospital beds and equipment.

Partnering with Google
Developing the tool on Google Cloud enables it to be deployed quickly at scale. Third-party data can be digested and resurfaced as tailor-made visualisations. This is achieved through using Google’s machine learning capabilities and tools such as BigQuery, D&A stack and Looker.

“Data is an important resource for governments and organizations responding to COVID-19,” said Todd Schroeder, Director, Public Sector Digital Strategy at Google Cloud. “We’re proud that Cloudreach will launch this new toolset on Google Cloud, enabling responders and policymakers to leverage data analytics and visualization capabilities and to make data-driven decisions in a complex environment.”

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