LONDON, February 18 2020

The advanced specialization validates Cloudreach’s prowess in delivering services and solutions with Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure, enabling agility and scale, with security and governance

Cloudreach today announced that it has earned the Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure advanced specialization.

Kubernetes is an open-source orchestration software framework that allows organisations to deploy, manage and scale containers. As applications are written or modernized into microservices, there is a need to run them on multiple containers spanning across multiple servers. Kubernetes helps manage this complexity by orchestrating containers and virtual machines, and optimizing the compute power to run them.

Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) offers a highly available, secure and fully managed Kubernetes service to reduce management overhead and technical complexity. Along with other technologies such as Azure DevOps it provides an end to end solution for hosting complex container environments.

To achieve the advanced specialization, Cloudreach had to demonstrate verifiable customer AKS implementations along with a high number of certified individuals on Azure, as well as specifically on Kubernetes, via the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. The rigorous process also includes a thorough third-party audit. The advanced specialization adds to Cloudreach’s status as an Azure Expert MSP, a small group of Microsoft’s proven Azure partners.

“In an ever-changing business and technology environment, Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service is the right answer to ensure consistency and security, while moving fast and adapting to change”, said Andre Azevedo, Azure General Manager at Cloudreach. “Customers who achieve successful implementations of AKS to run their critical applications can move faster than others. Cloudreach’s expertise is proven with the Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure advanced specialization.”

Nicole Herskowitz, General Manager of Azure App Innovation at Microsoft Corp. said, “Kubernetes is commonly used for orchestrating modern applications and microservices, but we also see its portability features being increasingly used to ease application migration to the cloud. Cloudreach’s expertise in Kubernetes and Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service has helped several customers accelerate adoption and reduce risk at the same time.”

For more information on what this achievement means for Cloudreach and its customers, click here.

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