London, UK – November 17, 2021 – Cloudreach, the leading independent multi-cloud services company, introduces SMART Management™, a next generation managed service fit for the age of true business transformation built on the cloud. SMART Management™ brings together all of Cloudreach’s expertise in cloud professional and managed services, and delivers them as a simple and flexible service designed to help organizations accelerate their cloud transformation projects. 

This announcement comes as cloud technology is becoming an increasingly strategic priority for businesses. Research from Cloudreach and IDC in 2021 showed that large scale migration to cloud was “essential for survival” for 27.5% of companies, with another nearly 40% calling it a strategic priority and foundation for innovation. Boards now look to their technology teams not only to deliver business continuity but for leadership in transforming their companies; to help them operate in the new normal of remote work, to unleash the potential of their data, to compete by launching digital products and services, and to meet their sustainability goals. At the same time, a shortage of skills and expertise in the market makes delivering cloud transformation projects even more difficult.

Cloudreach has launched SMART Management™ to solve all of these challenges. Unlike traditional managed services, SMART Management™ makes resourcing cloud transformation projects easy by offering cloud managed and professional services under a single contract – delivered via an elastic DevOps team. As a result, customers benefit from the assurance that their cloud infrastructure will not only be available and secure, but also continuously modernized.

The elasticity of the service means that customers can add and remove resources to their DevOps team, scaling up and down as necessary, to adapt and support their business priorities as they change. Not only the size but the focus of the elastic team can be changed, as customers can draw on the entire skill set of Cloudreach’s professional and managed services, from cloud strategy, architecture and engineering to data science, FinOps, sustainability Ops and cloud security.

“Businesses racing towards the cloud often assume that management and modernization are part of the same package, but this is often far from the reality. Cloud services require alternative approaches to deliver cohesive and ever-evolving business outcomes.” said Shanoor Hussain, Head of Cloud Managed Services at Cloudreach. “With SMART Management™, we’re essentially offering Cloudreach-as-a-service. Customers will benefit and learn from an embedded team of the best and brightest cloud experts in the industry, eliminating the IT skills gap so businesses can realize their cloud modernization goals and accelerate value creation.”

SMART Management™ is backed by Cloudreach’s proprietary software – Cloudamize, Sunstone and Conductor. Sunstone™ gives DevOps teams a modernization roadmap for their environment. The service creates backlogs for customers, defines success metrics, and determines the capabilities needed to deliver against financial, productivity and sustainability goals. Cloudreach teams are then deployed to execute on the backlog while supporting the core needs of the environment. Based on the backlog and scope, SMART Management™ adjusts team size and skills as needed to deliver transformational outcomes, whether focused on increasing revenue from digital products and services or reducing the carbon footprint.

According to “Adopt Agile And DevOps To Drive Digital Business Success,” Forrester Research Inc., January 6, 2021: “Businesses face an existential threat: Deliver more value to customers faster than competitors or risk extinction. In the past, application development and delivery leaders faced a dilemma: Deliver faster with lower quality and higher technical risk, or choose the slower path with higher quality, lower technical risk, and greater business risk. But now successfully applying agile and DevOps practices provides a third more attractive option: Deliver faster with higher quality, and lower both business and technical risk.”

About Cloudreach  

Cloudreach is the world’s leading independent multi-cloud services company. Our mission is to deliver the promise of cloud and drive extraordinary value for our customers. Cloudreach helps enterprises win competitive advantage through successful cloud transformation. We’re the go-to strategic partner for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. With more than 10 years of cloud native experience, we’ve built an unmatched depth and breadth of expertise in cloud technologies and their application to business.  

Cloudreach was recognized as a Visionary in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services.

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