At Cloudreach, we have over a decade of experience and expertise on Google Cloud. Today we are recognized as a Premier Partner and hold three Partner of the Year Awards – both are a testament to the depth of our capabilities and expertise.

As pioneers in the space, Cloudreach and Google Cloud have enabled access to the unlimited potential of information technology, empowering organizations to use the cloud to reduce risk and spend while increasing competitive advantage and agility.

With over 150 Google Cloud Certified engineers, we will help you accelerate the adoption of cloud and new technology safely and securely, and then help you manage and optimize your data assets.

Together we can achieve your ambitions with the power and capability of Google Cloud. 

Google Cloud Partner

What can we do for you?

Whatever your cloud maturity, we create a high-fidelity view of what success looks like for your organization. We do that by developing your skills, building alignment across your business, defining new governance and operating models, refining your processes and more. It all begins with a comprehensive cloud strategy.

Whether transitioning from an on-premise situation or going multi-cloud, the Cloudreach team has an established and long-standing expertise in adopting and migrating to Google Cloud Platform.

We are able to drive change in organizations like Sentrilock & Aspen Dental with our Cloud Migration methodology:
1. We use a cloud assessment tool such as Cloudamize to get a better understanding of your environment.
3. We Create a Migration Plan: Retire or Retain, Rehost, Replatform, Refactor or Repurpose
4. We Build a Cloud Landing Zone
5. We Migrate

Companies who fail to plan for and define a proper governance model to address compliance and security usually miss deadlines and expose the organization to risk.

We help you build a comprehensive governance model aligned to your cloud design to ensure you are covered.

Failure to properly plan can slow down migration, miss dependencies, and cause outages.

We develop comprehensive migration plans and leverage tooling such as Cloudamize to map all the dependencies within your environment and create migration waves.

Cloud modernization is an opportunity to optimise your application portfolio. Applications that aren’t designed to take full advantage of cloud computing will never realize their maximum value to your business. Only cloud native applications – built on the cloud, for the cloud – provide optimal performance. Cloud native applications are agile and resilient, sense and respond to market shifts, offer continual improvement and a seamless experience for customers and stakeholders alike.

Utilize our experienced Google Cloud Security Engineers, Architects and Consultants to assess current security risks and allow us to provide recommendations for tactical quick wins and long term solutions for your organization.

Take full advantage of GCP by putting your data to work, whether as a participant for business intelligence or in support of your business targets – Cloudreach is here to help you from comprehension to application and execution.

As a Managed and Professional Services Provider, Cloudreach supports customers across the entire lifecycle of their cloud journey. Cloudreach has been named Google Cloud’s Security Partner of the Year for two years in a row, in 2020 and 2019, based on its track record of success. The company has been a Google Partner since 2009 and held Premier Partner status since 2010.

Public Sector

Federal, State and Local — Our team is one of the most experienced and capable in accelerating your organization to accomplish your mission targets. From moving to the cloud to taking full advantage of next generation GCP technologies, we are here to support your mission.

Three public sector use cases:

  • Cyber-security event threat detection platform – We have built a real time threat detection system for a large city in the United States to track and monitor cyber attacks on its core infrastructure.
  • Capacity and resource management – We have enabled States to proactively manage their capacity and resources aligned to emerging local needs through state-wide monitoring of confirmed COVID-19 cases and area tracking.
  • Safer highway platforms – We have helped state and government agencies make more strategic investments in their transport infrastructure using data, such as leveraging geotagging data of common accident locations to inform road safety measures. 

Financial Services

From regulatory compliance to protection from data exposure and risk, Cloudreach specializes in supporting your organization as we take full advantage of GCP data analysis and tooling to move your business forward by putting your data to work.

Three financial service use cases:

  • Enabling new revenue streams from historical financial data – In the case of quant research and trading, users looking for trading signals within historical data can now extract historical datasets and leverage analytical capabilities that Google Cloud BigQuery offers with speed.
  • Cyber-security assessments and implementations – Our Security Primer is a tailored, intensive engagement that helps organisations understand how to transition their security strategy and practices to be cloud-ready. We will perform a high level assessment of your current state, understand your business challenges and priorities when it comes to IT security, and provide high level recommendations for how to leverage the cloud to improve their security strategy and practices.
  • Pre-acquisition due diligence and cloud advisory services – Private Equity firms need to know the potential value of transformations, and the risks, in the deal room ahead of a potential acquisition. We will perform a high level assessment of a target company’ current digital estate, and provide tailored recommendations to ensure the cloud is aligned to business goals and investment thesis, and to help support informed decision-making with GCP adoption and cloud strategy.

Retail & eCommerce

Regional or global — the transaction flow has changed and Cloudreach is here to assist your organization leverage the latest in PCI compliant technologies on GCP, reducing spend while accelerating feature/function to market in a secure fashion.

Three Retail and eCommerce use cases:

  • Black Friday, Cyber Monday readiness assessments and support – Black Friday Cyber Monday is a critical time of year for many of our customers. We’ll work with you to undertake an assessment of your key workloads, undertake simulations and support you through a combination of on-site and remote support during this critical time for your business.
  • Personalized customer shopping experiences – Leverage GCP’s AI and ML solutions to provide a highly personalized and dynamic shopping experience.
  • Modernizing eCommerce platforms using containerization – We can help you modernize your eCommerce platform on Google Cloud into a cloud‐native, containerized architecture that lets you transform the customer experience across multiple channels.

Media and Entertainment

Since day one, Cloudreach has been helping our customers in the media and entertainment industry migrate to the cloud, modernize their estate and maximise value. We continue to help our customers optimize their spend and reduce waste, enable them to innovate and focus on their core business and increase their speed through platform modernization. 

Three Media and Entertainment use cases:

  • Cloud migration – We can help you reduce costs and enhance your governance, while also enabling your teams to unlock the benefit of serverless, streaming analytics, and artificial intelligence.
  • Reducing costs through ongoing optimization – We’ve helped our customers to reduce their GCP platform costs and implement governance to enable ongoing optimization, thereby accelerating their innovations through creating additional opportunities to invest in platform enhancements.
  • Data warehouse modernization – We can empower your teams to make informed decisions and transform your business with ease. 

Manufacturing and Consumer Goods

Moving to the cloud requires a partner who truly understands all the components required to make a digital transformation successful. With Cloudreach, we can help you accelerate the time to value from your cloud adoption, become more agile and help you build a culture of sustainable and continued learning. 

Three Manufacturing and Consumer Goods use cases:

  • Become a more agile organization – We can help improve your cloud fluency and understanding of how the cloud enables your business agility and innovation.
  • Foster sustainable & continuous learning – Through our collaborative approach, we help our manufacturing customers understand how to maximise the value of Google Cloud.
  • Real-time insights for fast-moving consumer goods and retailers – Leverage real-time data insights to enable companies to adapt to emerging consumer trends and move faster than competitors.

Software and Technology

Like many software and tech companies, we are free of any legacy systems. We care about what you care about – the applications that power your business. Our software supercharges our services to bring you results faster and reduce costs, whilst we can help you derive fresh insights from your data.

Three Software and Technology use cases:

  • Multi-cloud cost comparisons and accelerated GCP migrations – Migrating to Google Cloud offers real outcomes and significant cost advantages. Through leveraging our best-in-breed software, we can simplify the assessment and migration process. 
  • Optimized application performance and reducing costs – Automate everything. Leverage our team of experts to optimize your application, freeing up your developers to focus on writing code through leveraging Google Cloud’s purpose-built tools for containerization.
  • Leverage your data to realize new value – Unlock powerful insights with Google’s smart analytics and AI innovations. Our team of experts can help you uncover new value from your data.

Cloud is not just about hosting your infrastructure on external servers, it provides the building blocks to scale and optimize your business. When you move to the Cloud with GCP, you gain access to their extensive suite of tools and services. This enables you to enhance how your business operates, innovates and succeeds at your fingertips. This provides an opportunity to modernize your applications and increase their capability beyond what is possible in a data center.What are we solving?
  • Ensuring customers are remaining compliant and enforcing stricter protocols.
  • Fundamental change to our customer’s technology, process, and people.
  • Guaranteeing our customer’s cloud environment has robust governance and cost optimization.
GCP products used: VPC, Subnets, Cloud NAT, Cloud VPN, Cloud Storage, Cloud  IAM, LAMP stack, GKE, RabbitMQ, HAProxy, Elasticsearch, ELK Stack, Percona, Jenkins, Google Pub Sub

Cloudreach Wins Google Cloud Security Partner of the Year Award

For the third year in a row, we’ve been honored for driving security first digital transformation, enabling organizations to enhance their security posture and deliver large scale projects.

Cloudreach partner of the year award from Google

About Cloudreach’s Google Cloud Practice

  • We are a Google Cloud Premier Partner and Strategic Managed Service Provider.
  • We have 150+ GCP certifications.
  • We hold Specializations in Cloud Migration and Security.
  • Our three Security Partner of the Year Awards are testaments to our ability to help customers secure business critical and sensitive data. We’ve spearheaded numerous advancements in cloud security on GCP in order to best facilitate rapid and secure adoption of the platform and co-authored the Cloud Security Engineer Certification.
  • Our teams are accustomed to working within highly regulated industries including industry regulators themselves, financial enterprises experiencing large data breaches, and antiquated government system overhauls.

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