Join Jez Ward & Darren Bowling on the Cloudbusting Podcast as they explore what it means to live, work, and solve business challenges as a cloud-native organization. Each week they invite thought-leaders, innovators and experts to the show to share their insights and experience.

Focusing on transformation, leadership, ways of working and emerging technology they explore the significant impact that cloud is having on people and businesses.

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173: The Cloud Insights Infobrief

This week, Jez and Darren receive a special guest, Carla Arend, IDC’s Associate Vice President for Cloud Research in Europe. Carla and…

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168: Unilever's unique cloud migration journey

Darren is on the spot this week with his two bosses on the show; Jez and Darren’s client, Phil Parr, Cloud Platform…

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172: Future Tech Innovations Unleashed

Welcome to this week’s episode of CloudBusting! Our special guest, Sue Daley, Director of Tech Innovation at techUK joins Jez and Darren…

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171: Hyping up hospitality: The customer experience in the cloud

Welcome back to Cloudbusting! This week, Jez and Darren receive Tristan Gadsby, CEO of Alliants, the experts at enabling exceptional customer experiences…

170: The challenging role of today's CIO

This week Jez and Darren receive Doug Drinkwater, Director of Strategy at HotTopics for a sit down to unpick the ever-evolving role…

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