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136 A Growing Space: Cloud Native Security Monitoring

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Is your enterprise just getting started on its cloud security monitoring journey?  Hear from our guest and CEO of Panther Labs, Jack Naglieri, on some of the biggest challenges he sees in the data security space and even an example of a recent public data breach.  Panther labs provides a cloud native threat detection platform that uses services to scale up workloads as needed by customer demands. He shares with us how he got his start at some of the leading silicon valley tech companies and where the idea and need for Panther Labs came from.   Finally, he provides his view on how to implement a threat detection platform on a cloud environment and the benefits of this compared to traditional, off-the-shelf software.  

Not sure where to get started?  Jack provides advice on where to get started and precautions you can take today with your employees to ensure phishing, the easiest way to hack an environment, is prevented. 

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