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97 No-hype guide to enterprise AI

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Senior Cloud Architect, Dwayne Monroe joins the team this week to provide a no-hype guide to enterprise AI.

Often sold as ‘snake oil’, to businesses hoping to garner valuable insights from their data, AI and machine learning solutions very rarely provide the game-changing results that are expected of them. Among other insights, Dwayne suggests that organizations focus more on defining the problem space, and less on the sexy AI solution.

The topics the team cover include:

  • Overhyping of AI and machine learning tech – it’s something everyone wants but they don’t know why.
  • The innate flaws of AI/ML – The biases etc.
  • Flaws in approaches to AI: Compare data-hungry techniques that currently dominate the field with a hybrid approach (as suggested by Gary Marcus).
  • What is the real promise of AI/ML? – It bring statistics to life.

How do you deliver the promise of cloud?

Start by Defining the problem space .  What do you want to do? What is the use case? Start with that – not the sexy AI/ML solution.