The Challenges of Enterprise Cloud Security

44 The Challenges of Enterprise Cloud Security

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Jeremy and Dave are joined by Paul Crichard, Security CTO at BT, to discuss enterprise cloud security and how businesses should navigate the rapidly evolving complexity of the networking and security options of the various cloud platforms.

How has the core logic of security evolved? Can we view security as an enabler? How do we rethink security budgets?

The team covers:

  • The cloud opportunity hides a set of potential risks that need to be well understood and addressed as needed.
    • AWS will secure the infrastructure. The application and data security is the customer’s responsibility.
    • Azure supports a global network capability, it lacks the tools that simplify management of complex networks of users and applications, and inline security services.
    • The potential disadvantages of GCP is around the maturity of its identity capabilities – which is the critical entry point to using corporate capabilities. Any organization of more than medium level maturity will need to add several layers of security to the environment.
    • Alibaba is one of the least known and least security-mature of all the environments and therefore requires the most personalization to defend and detect with.

What are the key cybersecurity challenges for enterprises in the cloud?

      • How they will navigate the rapidly evolving complexity of the networking and security options of cloud platforms.
      • How to securely communicate and manage applications across multiple clouds.
      • To be able to have a single view across the hybrid network/cloud environment, as well as application and security management across these platforms.
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