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144 The Long Goodbye Part I

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We’ve got some sad news to share this week, Dave is leaving the pod! So to see him off in style, we’ve put together two very special final episodes – bringing back a few beloved guests, welcoming Dan Dan Producer Man back behind the mic, and having a look back at some industry trends and pod highlights throughout our time together.

In Dave’s penultimate episode, the team are initially joined by Nelson Wootton, CEO of SaaScada, to discuss his experience in the industry and SaaScada’s cloud journey over the last few years – namely, how the conversation around cloud adoption has shifted from “what if we?” to “how can we?”

We then welcome back two longstanding friends of the show for a second deep dive, Duena Blomstrom, CEO of People Not Tech, and Alastair Kidd, a Systemic Leadership Coach. Together the group reflect on how leadership styles and ways of working have evolved and shifted over the last few years, leaning in on psychological safety and the importance of focus on people throughout a transformation.

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