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98 What is Kubernetes?

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In this episode, we delve into the history, benefits, and use cases of Kubernetes. Who better to deliver K8 101 than Craig Box, co-host of the Kubernetes Podcast from Google.

Craig describes the origins of Kubernetes, stemming from Google’s Borg system, and how the technology was made widely available for the wider developer community. He also outlines the benefits that the system can provide enterprises in the cloud.

Throughout the episode we cover:

  • Brief history of Kubernetes 
  • How should leaders frame their thoughts around Kubernetes? What are the real benefits of K8s? 
  • What are the ideal use cases? What is just hype?
  • How do K8s help you succeed in a distributed, multi-cloud world?
  • The evolution and future of containers

Also, for listeners interested in the chart tracking Taylor Swift’s use of profanity in her albums over time (mentioned by Craig in the TSRs) here it is.