Cloud Trends: 2022

The Year of the Cloud Native Enterprise

2022 is the year of the Cloud Native Enterprise.

It’s the year that organizations will leave behind the era of IT-led cloud adoption, fully embrace automation, march to the edge in infrastructure, raise their Digital Quotient (DQ) and decarbonize their tech.

A major obstacle to all of this is the growing talent crisis in the cloud industry.

While each trend stands on its own, there is always a natural connection across the set.

For a deep dive into these 6 trends and how to navigate them, download the eBook.

cloud trends 2022

Last year’s trends were significantly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, and focused on organizational adaptability and business transformation.

This year, the dominant theme is how these organizations have grown into cloud native enterprises. Specifically, how they’re navigating an evolved cloud journey towards large-scale, all encompassing transformation initiatives

These forward-looking trends are supported by an IDC Infobrief sponsored by Cloudreach and AWS, surveying IT decision makers across North America and Europe.

Cloud Trends: 2022

  1. The Cloud Native Enterprise
  2. Next Generation Migration, Modernization, and Management
  3. Living on the Edge
  4. Developing DQ
  5. The Talent Crisis
  6. Decarbonizing your Tech
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6 trends that will stand out as organizations move from the era of IT-led cloud adoption and into business experimentation with the cloud.